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​El Mariachi

Delve into the world of the regional Mexican folk music known as "mariachi." Born at the European conquest of Mexico and evolving from being scattered throughout the land's weddings and bars, mariachi is the soundtrack for every occasion and every sentiment.

​Las Mujeres de Mariachi 

Initially, it was not considered decent for women to perform in a mariachi, especially since many of the topics of mariachi songs (tequila, infidelity, etc.) were not considered appropriate for a women to even hear. Over time, however, women have come into their own as mariachi singers and today, full mariachi groups are comprised of women.

Dreaming of you
Check out "El Toro Relajo" and "Tú Sólo Tú" to hear the Tejano star flex her mariachi vocal skills on this otherwise pop-style album.
7786408.jpg (250×250)
Known as "America's First All Female Mariachi," Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles got its start in 1994 under the mentorship of singing legend Lola Betrán.
A mi manera
This Grammy award-winning all-female mariachi group is gaining momentum with the newest generation of mariachi fans.

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