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Listen to the sweet sounds of a musical collection that boasts everything from world music, jazz, classical to what's popular.

90s Throwback

​Throwback to the grungy, gangsta rappy days of yore. Cue up your Walkman. We're taking it back to the old school.

Arizona Connections

Musically, Arizona has a myriad to offer. Nearly every genre is represented in the history of this state. Tune into this list and listen to the many musicians with Arizona connections. 

The Best Music of 2017

The best albums to come out of 2017.

Chicano Rock

Chicano rock comes in many flavors. From the influences of the Father of Chicano Music, Lalo Guerrero, to the new urban sounds emerging all the time, here are just a few rockeros we recommend.

El Mariachi

Delve into the world of the regional Mexican folk music known as "mariachi." Born at the European conquest of Mexico and evolving from being scattered throughout the land's weddings and bars, mariachi is the soundtrack for every occasion and every sentiment.

Family Jams

Your little ones are musical beings. Why not listen to the same stuff every now and again? Here are our picks for the hippest, most fun, quality music for the whole family. Cringe-free music to jam to. Go ahead, press play and rock out.

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