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​Deb's Final Frontier PicksPhoto of staff member Deb with a standup cutout of Spock

I work as a circulation attendant at the library, dealing with the realities of life on Earth. 


The original series is still the best, hands down.  The Next Generation is a close second.
Star trek II the wrath of Khan          
I've got to go with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as my favorite, with the more light-hearted Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek: First Contact as a close second. 
For those of us who saw the first release – Episode IV: A New Hope – in the theater, nothing else has had the same WOW! factor.  This series took sci-fi to a whole new level.
Stargate SG-1. Season 1          
So many seasons, so many shows, so many worlds.  You're looking at heavy-duty binging to see them all.  Stargate Universe, only a season long, is good for a short trip.
Doctor Who. Lost in time collection of rare episodes: the William Hartnell years 1963-1966          
A British TV Series that started in 1963, Doctor Who, in all his various incarnations, has been popular with generations of fans.  Who's your favorite?  (Me, I'd go with Tom Baker).
Farscape. The complete season one          
One of my favorite TV series. We're talking time travel, a living space ship, and all sorts of aliens good and bad.  There's even an episode done ala Looney Tunes' Roadrunner cartoons (one of my faves).  And a truly apocalyptic finale movie, The Peacekeeper Wars.
How can you not like a movie that makes fun of Star Trek and has Alan Rickman in it?
Guardians of the galaxy          
This is just a plain ol' fun movie.  It has a great soundtrack.  It has lovable good "bad" guys, including one of Vin Diesel's best roles as Groot.  The sequel movie has the original cast plus Kurt Russell.

Music:  Get the CD set with Awesome Mix #1 and the movie soundtrack.  Good stuff.
Firefly. The complete series          
A series that didn't last long enough, but at least they made a movie, Serenity, before it ended.
Battlestar Galactica the complete epic series          
OK, the first series was just plain hokey.  The reboot is way better, but more of a challenge to watch in order because of partial, intermediate seasons.  Worth the effort, nonetheless.  
Battlestar Galactica          
One of my favorite animated films, it has a message for adults and yet remains fun for the kiddos.  And how can you not fall in love with Wall-E?
This film is a strange combo of hard-core physics (see Non-Fiction books) and downhome, family drama set on a dying Earth and a galaxy far away, with a few time and dimensional twists along the way.
The Martian          
Like the book (see Books), I really liked this movie.  It doesn't cover all of the territory that the book does, but is fun to watch.  (Except the part where….oops, spoiler alert.)



The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy          
Just in case dystopian futures get too depressing, there's the Guide to help you not take things too seriously.  Just bring your towel and, remember, the answer is "42."
Foundation ; Foundation and empire ; Second foundation          
This is science fiction writ large across galaxies and one of my first sci fi loves.

As are the following from classic sci fi authors:

The Forever war          
The autobiography of James T. Kirk : the story of Starfleet's greatest captain          
You probably need to be familiar with the original series to really appreciate this fictional bio.  It fills in a lot of the gaps and background, making it a fun addition to watching the shows.
Blue Mars          
Did you ever notice how the away team crew members dressed in red shirts almost never live to the end of the episode in the original Star Trek series? 
Seveneves : [a novel]          
One of Stephenson's epic tales.  Plan some serious time to delve into these deep reads.
The Martian : a novel          
I loved this book!  Think of Macgyver on Mars.  The movie, while true to the book's basic storyline, doesn't have all the fun science details and backstories.
The stars are legion          
Hurley does great world building (and destroying) in this space opera, literally revealing layers of dying world ships. Throw in some political intrigue and not a few references to other great sci-fi stories.


For the truly serious geeks...

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