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​Rob's Horror ListPhoto of staff member Rob

Meet Rob

Rob is a Circulation Attendant II at Ocotillo Library & Workforce Literacy Center. He has many hobbies that include sword fighting, all things science fiction/fantasy related and trying to keep up with his wife and fur babies of 2 dogs and five cats.

Meet his list

Here is my list of things scary, horrific, suspenseful and just plain weird. Mostly books but a few DVDs, because there are still good stories there that need to be told. Always fun to have a good scare.


The annotated H.P. Lovecraft       
The man who brought the Great Old Ones to life. Horror at its finest. One of my all time favorite horror authors.
One of my favorite vampire tales. The imagery just flows in the story. Vampire before the sparkle, just smooth.
Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus          
After reading the story you will ask, who really is the monster? A book for the ages.
Under a graveyard sky          
One of the best zombie series I have read. Really enjoyed the thinking behind the zombies.
'Salem's Lot          
The king of horror. Have to list at least one of his books. Might as well be the first one I read from him.
Interview with the vampire          
The queen when it comes to vampire stories. You will come to love the characters she writes about.
The zombie survival guide : complete protection from the living dead          
Learn the best way to surive the zombie outbreak. Or any disaster. A good book to make you laugh about serious things.
Supernatural : John Winchester's journal          
Ever wonder how to kill that one certain beast? Well this is the book that will help you out with that information.
Sparrow Hill Road          
Sometimes Purgatory is just a two lane highway. A ghost story where you root for the ghost. Beware hitchhikers on those deserted roads. 
The picture of Dorian Gray : an annotated, uncensored edition          
The next best thing if you can not find the Fountain of Youth. Will make you wonder every time you visit an art gallery.
The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and other tales of terror          
Never complain about your health insurance again. This guy could be your doctor. This is why you don't test on yourself.


The mummy          
No matter if it is the original black & white or the remake, an entertaining story.
Creature from the black lagoon the legacy collection          
A river expedition finds more than they bargined for. You almost feel sorry for the creature. A classic movie.   
Never leave your TV on while you sleep. And always find out what was there before your house was built.

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