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​Staff Picks Featurettes

Meet some of our staff and let them introduce you to items from our collection that they think are the absolute best.


Danielle's Handmaid's Tale Readalikes List

This book list is a list of dystopian books with strong female characters from all walks of life. Meet Danielle.

Photo of staff member Deb​Deb's Final Frontier Picks

Deb really would like to take off into space and explore other worlds.  So, until she gets to do that in real life, the following books, DVDs, and CD, are her tickets to space travel. Meet Deb.


Photo of staff member HeatherHeather's Comfy Cozy List

She's always had a particular fondness for mysteries. They're fun, light reads and most often have punny titles (this is her favorite part!). Meet Heather.

Heather's Picks for Mental Health Month

The memoirs and biographies on this list provide an inside look at the lives of those who suffer as well as the impact on the lives of their loved ones.  With a better understanding of mental health disorders and those who suffer, we can be empowered to seek help or to give help.  This list is a combination of titles I've found inspiring and titles recommended by a licensed professional counselor.  Meet Heather.

Jacqui's Academic Mysteries and Book Books

Put on your thinking caps. Mysteries set in scholarly surroundings and books about books are on the horizon. Meet Jacqui.

​Jakobe's Cat Mystery List

The cat-themed mystery takes the cozy genre one step further, bringing in cat sleuths that participate in the solving of crimes. Meet Jakobe.


Photo of staff member JeriannJeriann's Americana List

Looking for a playlist that leans heavy on folk, traditional country and the bluegrass side of Americana? Meet Jeriann.

Kiersten's Gothic List

These are just the very few examples of some favorites of the Gothic genre. Meet Kiersten.

​Kristl's Bedtime Stories List

Here are a family's picks for bedtime story books. Sweet dreams! Meet Kristl.

Lee's U2 List

A glimpse into the heart of someone that loves this band and some recommended somewhat-off-the-beaten-path favorites; both albums to listen to in their entirety, and what could be a "mixed tape." Meet Lee.

Photo of staff member MadelineMadeline's Business Picks

A few favorite business picks. Meet Madeline.

Photo of staff member Maia​Maia's True Crime List

Many of these stories of crime and violence are fascinating. In addition, they teach us a lot about human nature... even about ways to keep people safe. Meet Maia.

Photo of staff member Mary KateMary Kate's By Girls For Girls List

Books and movies by girls and for girls. Meet Mary Kate.
Photo of staff member Morgan

Morgan's Speculative Fiction

This list includes some of Morgan's favorite works of speculative fiction. Meet Morgan.

Rita's Kids Books for Adults

Don't hesitate to pick up some illustrated books and enjoy the creativity lavished between their covers. Meet Rita.

Photo of staff member RobRob's Urban Fantasy List

Here is a list of eighteen of Rob's favorite urban fantasy series. Meet Rob.

Sara's Smart Girl List

Sara is a library customer. Sara is a scientist. Scientists are just regular people who happen to be really curious. Are you curious? Meet Sara.

Photo of staff member StephanieStephanie's Epic Fantasy List

Not for the weary. Not for the faint of heart. You have to enjoy world building, new magic systems, and struggle. Meet Stephanie.

Tom's Eccentricities, Oddities, and Miscellaneous List

Works by and about those with expansive imaginations, theater of the mind, world building and tortured visions. Meet Tom.

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