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​Not Your Average Love Story

Go beyond boy-meets-girl with these stories about unconventional relationships -- romantic and otherwise. 

And Tango makes three

"Love blossoms at the Central Park Zoo when an abandoned penguin egg is adopted by two male penguins."


"A would-be high school football player and an ex-NFL star suffering from Alzheimer's develop a special bond amid tension from almost everyone around them." 

How to say goodbye in Robot

"She is like a robot and he is like a ghost joined by bizarre circumstances and secret confessions that both bind and divide."

You suck : a love story

"Thomas has just discovered that he is a vampire and subsequently, so is his girlfriend. In addition, they can't just hang out and enjoy their immortality... they're on someone's most wanted list!"

Evolution, me & other freaks of nature

"Amidst an ideological clash with her parents, a high-schooler finds love and her own backbone in the strangest of places."


"Practically opposites, a young saleswoman and a wealthy older man ignite a relationship that has them both wondering what they want out of it and life in general." 


"Sometimes love can become an addiction. Here, we see the story of a girl whose obsession with counting things is a comfort and a curse." 

Wesley the owl : the remarkable love story of an owl and his girl

"A great love story lasting 19 years between a biologist and the baby barn owl she rescued." 

Agnes & the hitman

"Perhaps traditionally romantic, Agnes & the Hitman is unorthodox in its hilarious development of a relationship." 

Crazy beautiful

"New students have it bad enough, but when you're mother has just died or you've suffered an amputation from an explosion, things are really tough in this Beauty and the Beast-esque tale."

Bobby and Jackie : a love story

"The unspoken love story between Jackie and her husband's brother." 

Memories of my melancholy whores

"In his last years of life, a man recalls his failures and conquests in love and, in the process, falls in love again." 

Summer sisters : a novel

"Lifelong love can have its twists and turns, but that between best friends can have even more than a normal love affair ever could."

About a boy
"The strikingly unique relationship between a bachelor set in his ways and a young boy dealing with more than his share of problems." 
Owen & Mzee : the true story of a remarkable friendship
"What do a tortoise and a hippopotamus have in common? Mostly nothing, just a little thing called love."
Marley & me : life and love with the world's worst dog

"Already very well known, the tale of the kinship between Marley and his person is one that'll leave you in stitches and in tears. Sometimes simultaneously."

Going too far

"The last thing rebellious teen Meg expects when being forced to spend her spring break on police car ride-alongs is to fall in love."

High fidelity

"The love of music and the love of women come to an apex in the life of a record store owner." 

Code name : baby

"Dog trainers and Navy Seals star in this steamy romance about shedding your normal tendencies and finding a common ground."

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