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Getting Started with HooplaGetting Started with Hoopla<div class="ExternalClassE742F6935FE34A24819499D55EB6CBA7"><h3>Getting started<br></h3><p>You'll need your Phoenix Public Library card and a computer or device with an Internet connection.</p><p>Set-up instructions depend on how you will be using the service. Streaming digital videos, music and audiobooks require an Internet connection. Data rates may apply on mobile devices. We suggest using a WiFi connection.</p><h3>Using a personal computer (Windows or Mac):</h3><p> </p><ul><li>Go to Hoopla.<br></li><li>Click "Get Started Today."​</li><li>Enter your email address and create a password.</li><li>Choose Phoenix Public Library.</li><li>​​Enter your library card number with no spaces.</li><li>Hoopla digital is compatible with personal computers that use Chrome, Firefox 8 and above, and Safari. First-time users will need to install the Widevine plug-in. You will be prompted to install this free program.​<br></li></ul><h3>Using a tablet, smartphone or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet):</h3> <ul><li>Go to the Apple App or Google Play store to download the free hoopla digital app.</li><li>Once in the app, click "Sign Up" and create an account using the four steps above.</li><li>The app can be used to stream videos, audiobooks and music.</li></ul><div><h3>​Browse & check out</h3> <ul><li>Browse or search for a title. Once you have made your selection, click "Borrow."</li><li>After borrowing the item, go to "My Hoopla" and "Currently Borrowed" ​to play or listen to your title.</li><li>There are never any waiting lists. See a title and check it out!</li><li>The maximum number of items each card holder may check out each month is 12.</li></ul><h3>Checkout periods</h3> <ul><li>​Movies, TV shows and videos: 72 hours (3 days)</li><li>Music albums: 1 week (7 days)<br></li><li>Audiobooks: 3 weeks (21 days)</li><li>eBooks and Comics: 3 weeks (21 days)​<br></li></ul> </div></div>





Discover a great book for any age reader!Discover a great book for any age reader! Started/hoopla22_web.jpg543
Hoopla offers Comics and eBooks, Movies, Music and Audiobooks!Hoopla offers Comics and eBooks, Movies, Music and Audiobooks!



















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HooplaHoopla<div class="ExternalClass24199EEFA1404464986CBFBE0D35903A"><p>Choose from over ​​​​one million ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and music to watch or listen to on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Many titles available for instant streaming or temporary download, and automatic return eliminates all late fees.​<br></p>​​</div>
hoopla eBooks for Kidshoopla eBooks for Kids<div class="ExternalClassD7EBC7792EBC49AFB2BEC139BF031AC9"><p>​Read books online with hoopla!<br></p></div><i class="fa-solid fa-child-reaching"></i>