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Getting Started with HooplaGetting Started with Hoopla<div class="ExternalClassE742F6935FE34A24819499D55EB6CBA7"><h3>Getting started<br></h3><p>You'll need your Phoenix Public Library card and a computer or device with an Internet connection.</p><p>Set-up instructions depend on how you will be using the service. Streaming digital videos, music and audiobooks require an Internet connection. Data rates may apply on mobile devices. We suggest using a WiFi connection.</p><h3>Using a personal computer (Windows or Mac):</h3><p> </p><ul><li>Go to Hoopla.<br></li><li>Click "Get Started Today."​</li><li>Enter your email address and create a password.</li><li>Choose Phoenix Public Library.</li><li>​​Enter your library card number with no spaces.</li><li>Hoopla digital is compatible with personal computers that use Chrome, Firefox 8 and above, and Safari. First-time users will need to install the Widevine plug-in. You will be prompted to install this free program.​<br></li></ul><h3>Using a tablet, smartphone or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet):</h3> <ul><li>Go to the Apple App or Google Play store to download the free hoopla digital app.</li><li>Once in the app, click "Sign Up" and create an account using the four steps above.</li><li>The app can be used to stream videos, audiobooks and music.</li></ul><div><h3>​Browse & check out</h3> <ul><li>Browse or search for a title. Once you have made your selection, click "Borrow."</li><li>After borrowing the item, go to "My Hoopla" and "Currently Borrowed" ​to play or listen to your title.</li><li>There are never any waiting lists. See a title and check it out!</li><li>The maximum number of items each card holder may check out each month is 12.</li></ul><h3>Checkout periods</h3> <ul><li>​Movies, TV shows and videos: 72 hours (3 days)</li><li>Music albums: 1 week (7 days)<br></li><li>Audiobooks: 3 weeks (21 days)</li><li>eBooks and Comics: 3 weeks (21 days)​<br></li></ul> </div></div>





Hoopla offers Comics and eBooks, Movies, Music and Audiobooks!Hoopla offers Comics and eBooks, Movies, Music and Audiobooks!

















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