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Getting Started with PressReaderGetting Started with PressReader<div class="ExternalClass3283393623954C6B842D4AD412602B5E"><p>​​​PressReader  offers access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries, all for free with your Phoenix Public Library card!  This includes local, national, and international content available in more than 60 languages.</p><p>​​​To use PressReader, just access the PressReader site from the resource link​​ ​and sign​ in with your Phoenix Public Library card number or username, as well as your password. Creating a separate account for PressReader is optional but it will allow you to use the app and save your favorite publications. Please note that library users can only sign in to PressReader using their account and cannot sign in via the Social Media or Library Card options. Pressreader will work in newer browsers and on all PCs, MACs and mobile devices with an internet connection.</p><h2>Using the App</h2><p>B​efore installing the PressReader app, you'll need to create an account and password.  From the PressReader homepage, ​click on Sign In and then New User. Sign up with your email address and create a password.  The app is available for Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire and Blackberry. Once you've installed the app, sign in with your account information.<br></p></div>





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PressReaderPressReader<div class="ExternalClass5AD5EAD7241E4CA08AE130BB84904BEB"><p></p></div>An online newspaper and magazine platform that hosts over 7,000 newspapers and magazines from 100 countries in over 60 languages. It is available in several languages and on PCs and portable devices. <br>