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Library Account PasswordsLibrary Account Passwords<div class="ExternalClass65312EF2F5BE4D60B01337418005D7AC">You will need a library account password to use public Internet computers and self-check machines at the Library.  <br><br>(This requirement went into effect May 1, 2014.)<br></div>































What is my password? is my password?62<div class="ExternalClassE8C6C15F850F40079FFD81130C4C3114"><p>What is my password?​</p></div><div class="ExternalClassEF772B834E2541499ADEB74EB8296A86">Passwords were pre-set when the Library launched its new website in September 2013.<br><br>If you have not yet changed it, the pre-set password is your last name (all lower case letters, omitting spaces and hyphens).<br><br>For South Mountain Community Library customers using an MEID as your barcode, your password is your 6-digit birthdate (MMDDYY).<br></div>
Can I create a Custom Username and Password? I create a Custom Username and Password?63<div class="ExternalClass1D8A3A1E04B54CA88E4CE3B198F3C4ED"><p>Can I create a Custom Username and Password?​</p></div><div class="ExternalClassA1C9348CEB5A4DD8A136C6389061F816">Creating a custom username and password can enhance the security of your library account.<br><br>To do so, click on "My Account" and then click on "My Record." Expand the "Change Logon" field to create a username and password.<br></div>
Need More Help? More Help?64<div class="ExternalClassBC24883A7E874026AEA902359C14CEF9"><p>Need More Help?​</p></div><div class="ExternalClass91D0A96CD8DF4DA9A9B9EC6083C9F02E">If you have problems using the self-check machines, public Internet computers or accessing your library account (My Account) online, please:<br><br><ul><li>see a staff member for assistance in person</li><li><a href="/services/ask-us">"Ask Us"</a></li><li>call us at 602-262-4636</li></ul>Please note that Call Center hours are Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.<br></div>