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Just ReadJust Read<div class="ExternalClassD262DA3315BE4E47B0B1D14D48329555"><div></div><p>​Just Read is a come-as-you-are, read-what-you-like online book club and so much more!</p><p>This monthly online book club is genre or theme based. Each month, a new genre or theme will be announced and your participation will be on your own and through social media.</p><p>Whether you are already an avid reader or want to be, whether you are looking for recommendations or know what you like, whether you are reading for you or reading to someone, Phoenix Public Library is here to help with a little inspiration.</p><p>Read what you like and be accountable to yourself.</p><p>Each month, we will announce a book club genre or theme on our website. Read what you like within this genre or theme. Participate throughout the month by posting on social media, tagging Phoenix Public Library and #justreadppl to share, discuss and recommend your book choice.  Or, follow along on your own without posting on social media – it's all good!<br></p></div>





This month, explore your inner foodie with us!This month, explore your inner foodie with us!
Just Read at Phoenix Public LibraryJust Read at Phoenix Public Library





May's Just Read theme is Delicious's Just Read theme is Delicious94<div class="ExternalClassAD18D6FCC0214F1FA716AEF315FE0294"><p>​Whether you love to cook, love to eat, or both, there's a book for that. Unleash your inner foodie this month by exploring cookbooks, food fiction, and more. <br><br>Explore our menu of entertaining and yummy reads below<br></p></div>
How to participate on social media to participate on social media26<div class="ExternalClass5A5689EA59584A0887353CEB11F51907"><p>​Show us what you are reading by posting a photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by tagging Phoenix Public Library and ​including <strong>#justreadppl</strong> and we may share your photo to help inspire the reading lists of others! Share book reviews, too!</p></div>









Book O'ClockBook O'Clock<i class="fas fa-alarm-clock"></i> Online Book Discussion <div class="ExternalClass7FA5CA16B3D744E28105F194FDE53DF7"><h3>​Join your local librarians and other readers to discuss a wide variety of books. Our book selections will vary from month to month and will include both fiction and non-fiction titles.<br></h3><h3>This online book discussion will meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month.</h3><h3>​<br>Use the search box above to find titles in our catalog or head to our <a href="/browse/elibrary">eLibrary​</a>.<br></h3><h3><br>Registration is required. <a href="" target="_blank">Sign up today!</a><br></h3><p><br></p></div>











A Menu of Delicious BooksA Menu of Delicious Books<iframe style="text-align:center;" src="" width="758px" frameborder="0" height="350px"></iframe>