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Best Books of 2022Best Books of 2022<div class="ExternalClass845EEEDDC95B41D3BF6661F6CE7C3C02"><h3>​​Check out <span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Phoenix Public Library's picks for best books of 2022! Browse this list and a</span>dd to your 2023 TBR (to be read) list! There's something for every age and every reader. </h3><div><p><br><br></p></div><p><br></p></div>





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A wizard of EarthseaA wizard of EarthseaLe Guin, Ursula K., 1929-20184020510Book9780547851396 (hc.)<div class="ExternalClass4B1D3851FB9144308BACDF2FE48A160C"><p>​The entire series. Decades before "Harry Potter" was written, the first book of this series was the quintessential story of a talented youth journeying to a renowned school of wizardry to develop extraordinary magical abilities, and that was just the first half of it. The rest of the first book, and the five subsequent installments, follow the entire lifespan of Ged, his vital role in the profound changes to the world of Earthsea, and some important collateral stories along the way. The first two of these books were highpoints of my formative teen reading years, and I was richly rewarded in going back to read the others that had been published since then.</p><p>- Sean​<br></p></div>
Black cake : a novelBlack cake : a novelWilkerson, Charmaine, author.6476897Book9780593358337<div class="ExternalClassF6898B729F1C4C4AA29CD71AFAFF3024"><p>- Kristl<br></p></div>
Carrie Soto is back : a novelCarrie Soto is back : a novelReid, Taylor Jenkins, author.6693985Book9780593158685<div class="ExternalClassF7AFF3D392EA4C12A4975DAFB75A978B"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
Chilean poet : a novelChilean poet : a novelZambra, Alejandro, 1975- author.6597436Book9780593297940<div class="ExternalClass0918BD769BF04F77806C04357768A2CF"><p>​Even though this is about a stepfather and child, I learned so much about being a father from it. The rest of the book is also about the wacky world of poets in Chile. Zambra has a fun, informal way of writing that makes you feel like you are sitting on a couch at a party with him, chatting about something he heard about.</p><p>- Matthew​<br></p></div>
City on fire : a novelCity on fire : a novelWinslow, Don, 1953- author.6313388Book9780062851192<div class="ExternalClass659000E3CB00447A94E92E9D598E53DE"><p>​- Karl<br></p></div>
Darth PlagueisDarth PlagueisLuceno, James, 1947-4447600Book9780345511287<div class="ExternalClassCD95BACF499F4E7B9D3E9DA50EA57057"><p>​- Manuel<br></p></div>
Ducks : two years in the oil sandsDucks : two years in the oil sandsBeaton, Kate, 1983- author, illustrator.6765117Book9781770462892<div class="ExternalClassB9B04A8898424F4E9C97AD5DC7A4CD4F"><p>​I've always enjoyed Beaton's comics ("Hark a Vagrant") so this move into graphic memoir was something I didn't know I needed.</p><p>- Katie​<br></p></div>
Every heart a doorwayEvery heart a doorwayMcGuire, Seanan.4399542Book9780765385505<div class="ExternalClassE3673F9994E84DBF8A745F4679F63239"><p>​- ​Tayler​<br></p></div>
Fairy tale : a novelFairy tale : a novelKing, Stephen, 1947- author.6681226Book1668002175<div class="ExternalClassEC3836BE9D744205BF3A34030EBB094F"><p>​- Wendy<br></p><p>King at his very best.  An amazing, fantastical tale that is somehow grounded in reality.</p><p>His character revelations and clean prose shine through as they typically do.</p><p>- Sherill​<br></p><p>It was fabulous!</p><p>- Kristina<br></p><p><br></p></div>
Fiona and JaneFiona and JaneHo, Jean Chen, author.6476496Book9780593296042<div class="ExternalClass60712393CD4240EA8B8C82FC355B4705"><p>​I really enjoyed the book because of the focus on friendship. The story follows the two characters throughout their lives and is a great depiction of the struggles to maintain a friendship into adulthood while struggling with family and romantic partners.</p><p>- Leah<br></p><p><br></p></div>
Flying solo : a novelFlying solo : a novelHolmes, Linda (Radio talk show host), author.6660738Book9780525619277<div class="ExternalClassFE4C6AA5989D404192063DBF1501C1D3"><p>​- Sheila<br></p></div>
Heat 2 : a novelHeat 2 : a novelMann, Michael, 1943- author.6768589Book9780062653314<div class="ExternalClassE08426A1FE5B4BC180E116781F827B95"><p>​Simultaneously prequel and sequel to the best action movie of the 1990s. Heat 2 gives backstory to the characters from the movie as well as showing the fallout for the survivors of the bank heist that turned the downtown Los Angeles into a warzone. Every time Detective Hanna yells at someone I hear/read it in Al Pacino's voice. </p><p>- Brian​<br></p></div>
LapvonaLapvonaMoshfegh, Ottessa, author.6660743Book9780593300268<div class="ExternalClass2737E869AE1644A196067E23D0D44DD8"><p>Disturbing, eccentric, sublime: a dark descent into a fictitious medieval community reaching an apocalyptic brink. ​<br></p><p>​- Dylan<br></p></div>
Last resortLast resortLipstein, Andrew, 1988- author.6597476Book9780374602703<div class="ExternalClass40E216594B1D4A6B97BA6B4D878D0FE7"><p>​The lines between authenticity and authorship blur in this debut novel about an author's big break gone awry.​​<br></p><p>- Dylan<br></p></div>
Lessons in chemistry : a novelLessons in chemistry : a novelGarmus, Bonnie, author.6613234Book9780385547345<div class="ExternalClass6F1EC44EBD8D4D9BA31CC7FE682B61FF"><p>​- Kristl<br></p></div>
Night of the living rezNight of the living rezTalty, Morgan, 1991- author.6735560Book9781953534187<div class="ExternalClass16A58F6E36B546B4A8834BA4A06BD07F"><p>​- Prudence​<br></p></div>
Olga dies dreamingOlga dies dreamingGonzalez, Xochitl, 1977- author.6423688Book9781250786173<div class="ExternalClassD6C2ABE37E4D4BAFA35EA3703C433DA5"><p>​- Kristl<br></p><p>- Sheila<br></p></div>
Other birdsOther birdsAllen, Sarah Addison, author.6818436Book9781250019868<div class="ExternalClass0D7E825B190B4EDC81237ABFAAD82F7B"><p>​- Kathleen​<br></p></div>
Our missing hearts : a novelOur missing hearts : a novelNg, Celeste, author.6697191Book9780593492543<div class="ExternalClassE5C1AAB6A0264C04B7A749A031E080DC"><p>​- Wendy<br></p><p>Wow, what an amazing book.  Occasionally one finds a writer such as Ms. Ng whose words flow so beautifully together, pierce the heart, and remind us why we love reading.  I somehow missed “Little Fires Everywhere," her previous book.  It is on my table awaiting its time.</p><p>- Sherill​<br></p></div>
Project Hail Mary : a novelProject Hail Mary : a novelWeir, Andy, author.6251730Book9780593135204<div class="ExternalClass0AE9F330AF1D41D9B32B5F9CF3E02DF7"><p>​It was absolutely brilliant and even better as an audiobook given the alien dialogue. </p><p>- Melissa​<br></p></div>
Reckless girlsReckless girlsHawkins, Rachel, 1979- author.6423696Book9781250274250<div class="ExternalClass2DB5D56E3B2543D3A0E9F16D94F12303"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
Remarkably bright creatures : a novelRemarkably bright creatures : a novelVan Pelt, Shelby, author.6658540Book9780063204157<div class="ExternalClass5FDD979F1BB74C23871C6CE075DAD6DA"><p>​I loved this heartwarming story and especially enjoyed the POV of Marcellus the Octopus.</p><p>- Alexis​<br></p></div>
Sea of Tranquility : a novelSea of Tranquility : a novelMandel, Emily St. John, 1979- author.6476921Book9780593321447<div class="ExternalClass593E71482C7A476ABCEEBBEF805E3215"><p>​Another genre-bending novel by Mandel. What is time? What is the past? What is the future? And is it possible to travel within time itself? Compelling questions combine with lovely writing and compelling characters. </p><p>- Karen​<br></p></div>
ShutterShutterEmerson, Ramona, 1973- author.6768690Book9781641293334<div class="ExternalClass5F04722B684C4F5B86C73F2B67E4E98B"><p>The best book in the second half of 2022.<br>- Kathleen</p></div>
Six ways to write a love letterSix ways to write a love letterPearce, Jackson, author.6727190Book9781728247694<div class="ExternalClass6B776470D4DE429296759CE3163B01D1"><p>​I'm not a big romance reader, but when I saw that the main character is a drummer, the oft-neglected yet most important (disclosure: I am a drummer so may be biased!) member of a band, I had to read this, and it was just wonderful, from start to finish. I've read plenty of great books this year that are more "literary" than this one, but this is the only one where I immediately went out and bought my own copy after returning my library copy, so I think I HAVE to go with it as my 2022 best b​ook!</p><p>- Jennifer S​​<br></p></div>
Sparring partnersSparring partnersGrisham, John, author.6658544Book9780385549325<div class="ExternalClassF58348894AF44AAAB7F116EF33DBCE73"><p>​Three short stories by the Master of the legal thriller.</p><p>- Jonathan​<br></p></div>
Still the Night CallStill the Night CallSenter, Joshua6659391Book{4061358D-24C5-41A8-82FD-16778F7A224B}Img200.jpg9781737585619<div class="ExternalClass166BC02825994BDEAB0B7D9F2BD26FB8"><div><p>A short story; this book grabs the reader's attention right away​.<br></p><p>- Joey<br></p></div></div>
Tell the wolves I'm home : a novelTell the wolves I'm home : a novelBrunt, Carol Rifka, author.4760233Book0812982851<div class="ExternalClassECA2DA0195FB49C1A0694CD5938F49F9"><p>​- Anna<br></p></div>
Tender is the flesh : a novelTender is the flesh : a novelBazterrica, Agustina María, 1974- author.6049183Book9781982150921<div class="ExternalClassD0C6DC9F4196466C8296A9584B86E4E9"><p>​- Tayler<br></p></div>
The Kaiju Preservation SocietyThe Kaiju Preservation SocietyScalzi, John, 1969- author.6509595Book9780765389121<div class="ExternalClass56FB50A7408C47DABB48DDB5EE588090"><p>​The best book in the first half of 2022.​<br></p><p>- Kathleen<br></p></div>
The Paris apartment : a novelThe Paris apartment : a novelFoley, Lucy (Novelist), author.6423691Book9780063003057<div class="ExternalClass0BB7CDFAC3634AF288F31D72EB850BB7"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
The cartographers : a novelThe cartographers : a novelShepherd, Peng, author.6638227Book9780062910691<div class="ExternalClass39435D5E6E15489183213B2606FAD59A"><p>​Wholly enjoyed The book of M and was not disappointed by this follow up.  I once asked a patron their thoughts when they returned a copy. They replied “ It defies description” Could not agree more, a stand out book in the sea of fiction.</p><p>- Sherill​<br></p><p>A suspenseful adventure beginning with a death in the depths of the map room at the New York Public Library and ending wherever a map can take you... perfect for fans of gripping adventure and intrigue.</p><p>- Katie​<br></p></div>
The deepest of secretsThe deepest of secretsArmstrong, Kelley, author.6520201Book9781250781734<div class="ExternalClassA1FE61926F6C45579D2653E87F14AA10"><p>​This is book 7, but I’ve enjoyed the whole series. This mystery series is set in the deep Alaska wilderness where going unnoticed is the number one priority. The city of Rockton is full of people who are running from something or someone, and it is detective Casey Duncan’s job to help keep order in this secret town. Armstrong has done a great job of building a strong cast of characters and creating tension and mystery​.<br></p><p>- Gretchen​<br></p></div>
The discord of godsThe discord of godsLyons, Jenn, 1970- author.6629261Book9781250175687<div class="ExternalClass18B5C12068424FEF8A5A079BD31A02E6"><p>​- Claudia<br></p></div>
The golden coupleThe golden coupleHendricks, Greer, author.6423669Book9781250273208<div class="ExternalClass6C6EBE7F3D3646B88C079489EB2358B0"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
The islandThe islandMcKinty, Adrian, author.6423654Book9780316531283<div class="ExternalClassA73755B9A5034E7A97A7C7E166FD14C1"><p>​Excellent "accident gone wrong" revenge tale.<br></p><p>- Jonathan</p></div>
The littlest library : a novelThe littlest library : a novelAlexander, Poppy, author.6727174Book9780063216938<div class="ExternalClass1A4EC37DF0FD4660AF3D4DBF3B5F7365"><p>​- Sheila<br></p></div>
The maidThe maidProse, Nita, author.6423682Book9780593356159<div class="ExternalClass5F62CD220C9E4C72BDBAF933842B7F53"><p>​- Chris<br></p><p>​More than just a good mystery, The Maid is also a heart-warming tale of friendship and connection.  It lets us become part of Molly the maid’s orderly life as it is thrown into a murder investigation.  I felt such a strong connection to Molly and was rooting for her to the end.</p><p>-Laura​<br></p></div>
The many daughters of Afong Moy : a novelThe many daughters of Afong Moy : a novelFord, Jamie, author.6681235Book9781982158217<div class="ExternalClass9F035F2BE4E74BE9B42CCF3B62AF2A36"><p>​​​Loosely based on a true person, Afong Moy, the first Chinese woman to immigrate to the US, this novel winds through the lives of six generations of women and affirms the connectedness of our lives and stories. Because each woman lives during a recognizable and historically significant time period, historical fiction enthusiasts will enjoy it. And it has some magical realism/science fiction-ish elements to it as well.</p><p>- Amy​<br></p></div>
The measure : a novelThe measure : a novelErlick, Nikki, author.6680697Book9780063204201<div class="ExternalClass9CC13CB0C252418095A8BA715B44844A"><p>​This was an original and thought provoking read.  The concept was simple – every person over the age of twenty-two is given a box that contains a string that equals the measure of their life.  What people do with this information is far from simple.  We get a closer look at the lives of 8 characters as they deal with the new normal.  This is a great read for discussion! </p><p>- Laura​<br></p></div>
The midnight libraryThe midnight libraryHaig, Matt, 1975- author.6049264Book0525559477<div class="ExternalClass7019AA1CBAB548F088EAD8653ED837F5"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot : a novelThe one hundred years of Lenni and Margot : a novelCronin, Marianne, author.6311895Book9780063092761<div class="ExternalClassCF0A15405B8240E7AE02F1946946BAB0"><p>​I avoided this for so long because everyone I knew who read it said they sobbed, and I TOTALLY sobbed my face off, but it was 100000% worth it - this book is a delight.​<br></p><p>- Jennifer S<br></p></div>
The pallbearers club : a novelThe pallbearers club : a novelTremblay, Paul, author.6727250Book9780063069916<div class="ExternalClass7E0EA5709CAB405A990CEDF0B01EF7BE"><p>​- Prudence<br></p></div>
The stand-up groomsmanThe stand-up groomsmanLau, Jackie, author.6833889Book9780593334324<div class="ExternalClassBDB2D8633A9A41ADB79EE5FDFC472505"><p>​A steamy "opposites attract" romantic comedy filled with delicious food and hilarious situations while a Maid of Honor and a Best Man work together to get their respective best friends down the aisle.</p><p>- Katie​​<br></p></div>
This thing between us : a novelThis thing between us : a novelMoreno, Gus, 1985- author.6412565Book9780374539238<div class="ExternalClass545CE058238045818D27067FCE5E25C4"><p>​- Prudence<br></p></div>
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrowTomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrowZevin, Gabrielle, author.6681248Book9780593321201<div class="ExternalClass7CF7BB99902545459C527626C8111596"><p>​- Anna<br></p><p>- Kristl<br></p></div>
All about me! : my remarkable life in show businessAll about me! : my remarkable life in show businessBrooks, Mel, 1926- author.6423647Book9780593159118<div class="ExternalClassDE2EB0FC51D24CC8BA78E7BE2F57F730"><p>Recommend for a multitude of reasons. You'll laugh. Your jaw will drop. You'll walk away with a thousand stories about Hollywood and history and creativity and life. Go with the audiobook for this one.</p><p>- Kristl<br><br></p></div>
As it turns out : thinking about Edie and AndyAs it turns out : thinking about Edie and AndyWohl, Alice Sedgwick, author.6765046Book9780374604684<div class="ExternalClassF7D5016911B54854B6EB8462EC2C23CC"><p>​- Chris<br></p></div>
Babel : or the necessity of violence : an arcane history of the Oxford Translators' RevolutionBabel : or the necessity of violence : an arcane history of the Oxford Translators' RevolutionKuang, R. F. (Rebecca F.), author.6765307Book9780063021426<div class="ExternalClass560D96F2AB6B447E86BE39AADEBA439B"><p>​- Jennifer K<br></p></div>
Come fly the world : the jet-age story of the women of Pan AmCome fly the world : the jet-age story of the women of Pan AmCooke, Julia, author.6192078Book9780358251408<div class="ExternalClass57D1CBE541B94ABB972A980C00289DFD"><p>​For a woman in the 60s and 70s, a career as a flight attendant was one of the few jobs that provided you with independence and opportunities. A fascinating read about the airline industry and the women who made it a success.​<br></p><p>- Kelly<br></p></div>