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Anna's PicksAnna's Picks<div class="ExternalClassFF461BE3F48D47A99F52F703F4665287"><h2>​Meet Anna. These are the children's and teen titles she is most excited about this month!​</h2><p>Anna is the Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian in Collection Development for Phoenix Public Library. She’s obsessed with children’s and teen lit and so excited to share her favorite new and upcoming titles with you! When she’s not on the hunt for her new favorite picture book she enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler, and dog. She loves reading (obviously), nail polish, and her mid-century modern house.​</p>​<br></div>





Get excited about these new and upcoming kids and teen titles!Get excited about these new and upcoming kids and teen titles! Picks/Kids/Annas Picks/AnnasPicks_web.jpg351
Meet Anna, Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian, Collection DevelopmentMeet Anna, Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian, Collection Development Picks/Kids/Annas Picks/AnnaC-bio-pic_web.jpg352





Book not yet available? Place a hold. not yet available? Place a hold.193<div class="ExternalClass744547F69809458DAEE1926BD0C1BECA"><p>All of Anna's Picks are brand-new. Some haven't even hit our shelves yet! If you are interested in a title that is not yet available to check out, consider placing a hold! Each Phoenix Public Library cardholder can place up to 15 holds at a time for pickup at a <a href="/locations">Phoenix Public Library location</a> of their choice. <a href="/services/borrowing">Learn more</a>. ​</p></div>















A Dollar's Grand Dream A Dollar's Grand Dream Kimberly Wilson7278498Book1645677117<div class="ExternalClassA5B6FCD2394E44569D7B3B06AADF13E8"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Greenlight by Breanna CarzooGreenlight by Breanna CarzooGreenlight by Breanna Carzoo7278336Book<div class="ExternalClassAF8F79B999C24D938C38539724DA555C"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Hidden Gem Hidden Gem Linda Liu7278416Book1250835070<div class="ExternalClassDC3A82E1264F40F1A5A1D0EC0CEE9230"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
How to count to one: (and don't even THINK about bigger numbers!)How to count to one: (and don't even THINK about bigger numbers!)Caspar Salmon7200523Book9798887770246<div class="ExternalClass77E63EAF18054393A5A300CADB5B92C9"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
If You Get Lost If You Get Lost Nikki Loftin7278419Book9780593375310<div class="ExternalClassB032E950C23947A099C97DAA98AFF0CE"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
The Duck Never Blinks The Duck Never Blinks Alex Latimer7316270Book9781250885999<div class="ExternalClass572C92587C8B4663A078EE064882F46A"><p>​Read-Aloud Spotlight<br></p></div>
The Red Jacket The Red Jacket Bob Holt7240912Book9780063237605<div class="ExternalClassBB0B065656DC485C8FD046AB0B2C199C"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
How to Stay InvisibleHow to Stay InvisibleMaggie Rudd7254784Book9780374390334<div class="ExternalClassCD57EEA50BF24752ACC45B332732CC71"><p>​Middle Grade<br></p></div>
See the Ghost See the Ghost David LaRochelle7252555Book9781536219821<div class="ExternalClass8C1783A940A24E0AB005E1FF0B7680DE"><p>​Middle Grade​<br></p></div>
The Legend of GreyhallowThe Legend of GreyhallowSummer Rachel Short7254788Book9781665918879<div class="ExternalClass5B6B2BD548C74B5A86C692A610211474"><p>​Middle Grade<br></p></div>
A Warning About Swans A Warning About Swans R. M. Romero7254381Book9781682634837<div class="ExternalClass32476867F8384395AB511676A806A80B"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
All Alone With You All Alone With You Amelia Diane Coombs7254417Book9781534493575<div class="ExternalClassC4472122EAE24585954B9317AA65D8C5"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
Frontera Frontera Julio Anta 7316919Book9780063054950<div class="ExternalClassDB6470BE4EA144AA80EA5FF539194767"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
Butt or Face?: Can You Tell Which End You’re Looking At? Butt or Face?: Can You Tell Which End You’re Looking At? Kari Lavelle7345038Book9781728271170<div class="ExternalClass931A33091F2F47F3A3BFCBC310E7BED1"><p>​Non-Fiction Spotlight<br></p></div>