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Anna's PicksAnna's Picks<div class="ExternalClass8BC4B7A4FDAF417D8FCD8EA0B67404C6"><h2>​Meet Anna. These are the children's and teen titles she is most excited about this month!​<br></h2><p><br></p><h3>Anna is the Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian in Collection Development for Phoenix Public Library. She’s obsessed with children’s and teen lit and so excited to share her favorite new and upcoming titles with you! When she’s not on the hunt for her new favorite picture book she enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler, and dog. She loves reading (obviously), nail polish, and her mid-century modern house.​<br></h3></div>





Get excited about these new and upcoming kids and teen titles!Get excited about these new and upcoming kids and teen titles! Picks/Kids/Annas Picks/AnnasPicks_web.jpg351
Meet Anna, Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian, Collection DevelopmentMeet Anna, Children and Teen Collection Specialist Librarian, Collection Development Picks/Kids/Annas Picks/AnnaC-bio-pic_web.jpg352





Book not yet available? Place a hold. not yet available? Place a hold.193<div class="ExternalClass744547F69809458DAEE1926BD0C1BECA"><p>All of Anna's Picks are brand-new. Some haven't even hit our shelves yet! If you are interested in a title that is not yet available to check out, consider placing a hold! Each Phoenix Public Library cardholder can place up to 15 holds at a time for pickup at a <a href="/locations">Phoenix Public Library location</a> of their choice. <a href="/services/borrowing">Learn more</a>. ​</p></div>















"The year I stopped trying." : --a novel,"The year I stopped trying." : --a novel,Heaney, Katie, author.6420333Book9780593118283<div class="ExternalClass795990AC36C04078B0ADEADFC7FE7CB8"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
A Snake Falls to EarthA Snake Falls to EarthBadger, Darcie Little6420313Book9781646140923 : HRD<div class="ExternalClassA592671FF585445E91B4AA1F85851832"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
A Tale As Tall As Jacob : Misadventures With My BrotherA Tale As Tall As Jacob : Misadventures With My BrotherEdwards, Samantha6510098Book9781524865047 : PAP<div class="ExternalClassDB5DE7410614483FA5D1E564C1BB30FC"><p>​Middle Grade<br></p></div>
Bathe the CatBathe the CatMcGinty, Alice B./ Roberts, David (ILT)6425187Book9781452142708 : SAL<div class="ExternalClassA119DC31E2634A4C954667486533830B"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Birdie's billionsBirdie's billionsCohn, Edith, author.6420350Book9781547607112 : HRD<div class="ExternalClassF51B1483252246119DB0CC2BC73546D5"><p>​Middle Grade<br></p><p><br></p></div>
Chasing Bats and Tracking Rats : Urban Ecology, Community Science, and How We Share Our CitiesChasing Bats and Tracking Rats : Urban Ecology, Community Science, and How We Share Our CitiesGuy, Cyltia/ Li, Cornelia (ILT)6415523Book9781773215389 : HRD<div class="ExternalClass0B46883FCBE54BDC81D41D8CE13841FD"><p>​Non-Fiction Spotlight<br></p></div>
Cold TurkeyCold TurkeySchwartz, Corey Rosen/ Call, Kirsti/ Otis, Chad (ILT)6415847Book9780316430111 : SAL<div class="ExternalClass7EA6EA39C21D4B6B9D84D59996918265"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Little Messy Marcy SuLittle Messy Marcy SuFu, Cherie/ Kwon, Julie (ILT)6415726Book9780759556096 : SAL<div class="ExternalClass308B461C281C4CB5AFB5CA508ACFFD02"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Love is hereLove is hereMalbrough, Mike, author, illustrator.6468835Book9780593203521<div class="ExternalClass35C5238522204C88AD13C11A06DBE381"><p>​Read-Aloud Spotlight<br></p></div>
No beauties or monstersNo beauties or monstersGoedjen, Tara, author.6442597Book9781524714802 : HRD<div class="ExternalClass44EB5FADAE6145BEA5F5AC5CE2C137FA"><p>​Teen<br></p></div>
The last cuentistaThe last cuentistaHiguera, Donna Barba, author.6370455Book9781646140893<div class="ExternalClassB57C9385A331416E8A7F06F35F93AC5E"><p>​Middle Grade<br></p></div>
TreesTreesJohnston, Tony, 1942- author.6415760Book9781534475175<div class="ExternalClass2A2949F4C85949A3B2EB82DC8E03172A"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
Walking your humanWalking your humanLedden, Liz, author.6468842Book9780648894513<div class="ExternalClass92F65F5EAE6241D586BC46362A3ABCDD"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>
When I wake upWhen I wake upFishman, Seth, author.6415720Book9780062455802 : SAL<div class="ExternalClass12EE8142E24F4531947C0C9381BE8457"><p>​Picture Book<br></p></div>