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El Día de los NiñosEl Día de los Niños<div class="ExternalClassAEBB0031F60E4953A097CC7B8799B11F">​April 30 is El día de los niños/El día de los libros or Children’s Day/Book Day, known as “Día.” It is a day to celebrate children and books! Día reflects a library’s commitment to include and celebrate a variety of cultures year-round. On April 30, around the country, an annual, special celebration of linking children to books, home languages and cultures is held at schools, libraries, museums, churches, parks, and bookstores. But Día also provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to promote the power of books and reading to their own children. Every day of the year can be “Día,” a day for linking all children and books!<br></div>







3rd to 5th Grade3rd to 5th Grade
6th to 8th Grade6th to 8th Grade
Birth to PreschoolBirth to Preschool
Kindergarten to 2nd GradeKindergarten to 2nd Grade