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Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II<div class="ExternalClass07E8F8C324B14538ACCABE0201446E15"><div><h2>Remembering Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), Britain's longest-reigning monarch.<br></h2><h2>Delve into her life, her reign and the accompanying decades of world history with the resources below.​</h2><p><br></p></div></div>





Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022)Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022) Guides/QueenElizabeth_web.jpg522













Britannica LibraryBritannica Library<i class="fa-solid fa-books"></i> Window
Gale Academic OneFileGale Academic OneFile<i class="fa-solid fa-newspaper"></i> Window
Gale General OneFile: Article SearchGale General OneFile: Article Search<i class="fa-solid fa-newspaper"></i> Window
Gale OneFile: NewsGale OneFile: News<i class="fa-solid fa-square-rss"></i> Window
Gale Power SearchGale Power Search<i class="fa-solid fa-bolt"></i> Window
Gale in Context: BiographyGale in Context: Biography<i class="fa-solid fa-head-side"></i> Window
Gale in Context: ElementaryGale in Context: Elementary<i class="fa-sharp fa-solid fa-child-reaching"></i> Window
Gale in Context: Global IssuesGale in Context: Global Issues<i class="fa-solid fa-earth-europe"></i> Window
Gale in Context: High SchoolGale in Context: High School<i class="fa-solid fa-diploma"></i> Window
Gale in Context: Opposing ViewpointsGale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints<i class="fa-solid fa-scale-balanced"></i> Window
Gale in Context: World HistoryGale in Context: World History<i class="fa-regular fa-earth-europe"></i> Window
Gale: Books and AuthorsGale: Books and Authors<i class="fa-solid fa-book"></i> Window
Global Road Warrior: United KingdomGlobal Road Warrior: United Kingdom<i class="fa-solid fa-earth-europe"></i> Window
Greater Phoenix Digital LibraryGreater Phoenix Digital Library<i class="fa-solid fa-books"></i> Window
MasterFILE CompleteMasterFILE Complete<i class="fa-solid fa-newspaper"></i> Window
PressReaderPressReader<i class="fa-solid fa-newspaper"></i> Window
Scholastic Teachables: Maps of the British IslesScholastic Teachables: Maps of the British Isles<i class="fa-solid fa-map"></i> Window
Search HooplaSearch Hoopla<i class="fa-duotone fa-laptop"></i> Window
Search KanopySearch Kanopy<i class="fa-solid fa-film-simple"></i> Window
WorldCatWorldCat<i class="fa-regular fa-earth-europe"></i> Window













Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II<iframe style="text-align:center;" src= width="758px" frameborder="0" height="350px"></iframe>