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Teen Dystopian ReadsTeen Dystopian Reads<div class="ExternalClassBE40CEE384C64378A1781C83289D7341"><div><h3>Enjoy this list of recommended YA reads featuring imagined societies that have gone very, very wrong.<br>​</h3><h2>dys·to·pi·a</h2></div><div><p>NOUN<br>an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic. Compare with utopia.</p></div><div><p></p></div></div>





Find captivating and disturbing worlds within the pages of these recommended reads.Find captivating and disturbing worlds within the pages of these recommended reads. Picks/Teens/SP-TeenDystopianReads_web.jpg533





















A gentle tyrannyA gentle tyrannyCorban, Jess, author.6229238Book9781496448330
All that's left in the worldAll that's left in the worldBrown, Erik J., author.6578662Book9780063054974
Beneath : a secret societyBeneath : a secret societyGlosny, Madelyn Rose, author.6735731Book9781955047005
Cold the night, fast the wolves : a novelCold the night, fast the wolves : a novelLong, Meg, author.6476232Book9781250785060
Everywhere Everything EveryoneEverywhere Everything EveryoneWarner, Katy.6297553Book9781760504618
Future history 2050Future history 2050Harding, Thomas, 1968- author.6617080Book9781773068039
Hell followed with usHell followed with usWhite, Andrew Joseph, author.6680578Book9781682633243
Hunting by starsHunting by starsDimaline, Cherie, 1975- author.6412646Book9781419753473
Monarch risingMonarch risingGlenn, Harper, author.6854379Book9781338741452
SkywardSkywardWhite, Susan, 1956- author.6798467Book9781773660783
Survive the DomeSurvive the DomeJackson, Kosoko, author.6617085Book9781728239088
The LuminariesThe LuminariesDennard, Susan, author.6854367Book9781250194046
The ballad of Dinah CaldwellThe ballad of Dinah CaldwellBrauning, Kate, author.6420260Book9781645673125
The hillThe hillBryan, Ali, author.6181351Book9781948340328
The limitless skyThe limitless skyKilbourne, Christina, 1967- author.6680549Book9781459748873
The ones we're meant to findThe ones we're meant to findHe, Joan, author.6267784Book9781250258564
Unraveling ElevenUnraveling ElevenChisholm, Jerri, author.6420328Book9781649370983