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Scholarships with Unique Requirements

Choose one of the squares below to navigate to scholarships which have unique requirements. These categories include Family Circumstance, Military/Veterans + Dependents, and Unique + Fun scholarships. 

Scholarships on the Family Circumstance list may apply to a variety of family circumstances or needs, which include but are not limited to: financial need, divorce, foster care, homelessness, single-parent families, immigration, and first-generation students. 

Military/Veterans + Dependents Scholarships are for Military/Veterans and their dependents, only.

Unique + Fun scholarships include scholarships with wacky requirements such as having a tall height, certain hair color, or twin. Additionally, this category includes scholarships which have fun essay prompts or competitions for prom attire or Halloween costumes.
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Family Circumstance
Family circumstance scholarships may apply to students who experience substantial financial need and circumstances like foster-care, homelessness, and single-parenthood. page navigation
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Unique + Fun
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