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Programming & VideosProgramming & Videos<div class="ExternalClass4207508644D7456B887AC21AD3C05C3F"><div><span style="color:#262626;font-family:"segoe ui semilight", "segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:1.15em;">Email List​:</span><br></div><div>Join our email list if you would like to get updates and have upcoming workshop and events information sent directly to your inbox. You can join by sending us an email to <a href=""> </a>letting us know you would like to be added to our email list.<br></div></div>









During the Academic School Year the Academic School Year7<div class="ExternalClass8BE41F8ABFCD4BCEB55BD3545705F9D6"> Workshops on various topics including college exploration, financial aid, scholarship searching, and more are presented free of charge and open to the public. Registration is required for some programs as seating might be limited. All workshops are currently being hosted virtually via Microsoft Teams. <div> <br>  <h5>FAFSA Assistance</h5>FAFSA Assistance is provided to students and their families through specialized programming to assist with the FAFSA application and creating FSA IDs through virtual workshop sessions during the peak financial aid season. If you have a group of students who need assistance completing the FAFSA, email to set something up. <br></div><div> <br> <h5>College Depot G.R.I.T. (Graduating Ready, Independent & Tenacious)</h5>Designed for first-generation, college-bound high school seniors, GRIT provides participating students with an enhanced, more connected type of advising. GRIT students will be assigned an advisor to provide direct, virtual support to create a personalized senior college plan as their junior year wraps up. Their advisor will then work with them periodically during the summer and throughout their senior year to make sure they have the support needed to start college after graduating high school. Class of 2022 students can <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong style="color:#0072c6;">enroll here</strong></a>. <br><br>Once GRIT begins, advisors will meet with their assigned students one-one-one (virtually) to create an individualized senior plan. Advisors will check in with students regularly to make sure they are on track and be available for students to contact. As the next school year begins, advisors will then assist GRIT students with essential steps throughout their senior year to make sure they stay on track. This includes individualized support for completion of FAFSA and college applications, as well as scholarships, financial aid, admissions, and anything else needed to successfully start college in the fall of 2022. Enrollment is still open for the class of 2022. <br><br></div></div>
During the Summer the Summer8<div class="ExternalClassB5C5EA6C9E2940B1809DF0A01A34842E"><h5>Summer Sessions​​ 2021<br></h5>Every July, College Depot offers our Summer Sessions, which are FREE, fun-filled p​rograms designed to help students plan for college. This year we are offering 9 free​ workshops to help students plan for college. Pick and choose the best sessions for you or attend them all! All sessions will be hosted virtually and you can find more information <a href="">here​</a>.​​<br>   <h5>Collegepalooza</h5>Designed for high school graduates entering college to prepare them with tips, hacks, and strategies for a successful freshman year of college. Participants will learn from current and recently graduated college students as well as experienced college access professionals. This session will conclude with a virtual Q&A session from a panel of current college students that will cover what they wish they had known going into their freshman year, what they've learned since, and other related questions fielded virtually from participants. Registration will open in April of 2021. <br>   <h5>Summer Bridge Program for 2021 Seniors</h5>There are several steps to complete over the summer to make sure graduating 2021 seniors can start college this fall. Every summer College Depot hosts this virtual summer bridge program from to support students with all of these summer steps. Students who participate in this free program will be assigned an advisor who will work with them individually from May through August to make sure they're successful. Registration for the summer of 2021 will open in April of 2021. <br>​<br></div>​<br><br>









2020 Collegepalooza Session2020 Collegepalooza Session<i class="fad fa-play-circle"></i><div class="ExternalClass6D6F2AEA7E12489297B798C53D38B5CA"><p>​Recording of the summer 2020 Collegepalooza session.<br></p></div> Window
2020 Virtual Summer Sessions2020 Virtual Summer Sessions<i class="fad fa-play-circle"></i><div class="ExternalClassC58620EC69944041A5F75FF1D633DF23"><p>​Recordings from our 2020 summer sessions.<br></p></div> Window
G.R.I.T Info and EnrollmentG.R.I.T Info and Enrollment<i class="fad fa-user-graduate"></i><div class="ExternalClassE4079509E0E94F03831FB9BF289FC34D">Seniors! We're here for you through 2021. Sign up for GRIT to get your own advisor to walk you through all things college.<br>​<br></div> Window