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Top 5 Hot Trends in Federal Government Contracting (and How to Leverage Them to Win Contracts)

Looking to develop as a federal government contractor? There are many government contract opportunities. Yet there’s a new administration in Washington. And there’s a digital transformation happening. Miss the new federal government trends and your company may miss those opportunities. It’s all about knowing what to watch for.

This workshop goes step-by-step through the top 5 federal government trends, shows how to use this knowledge to find contract opportunities and, finally, how to win those contracts.

Presented by Carol Ingley.

6-7:30pm; Wednesday, October 11 - Cholla Library

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Carol Ingley, MBA, has helped companies win more than $18 billion in federal government contracts. She is both a technologist and pricing expert. Carol Ingley has 20+ years of commercial and federal contract experience in technology design, technology volume management, price volume management, financial forecasting and trend analysis. She is president of ingleyPriceToWin.

Reference USA: Your Tool For Business Growth

​ReferenceUSA is a leading provider in business and consumer research. This workshop will provide you time with an expert's guide in helping your future projects. Tutorials will include expert fact-finding assistance for business support in creating marketing plans, raising funds to finding businesses. ReferenceUSA is a free tool that can be accessed using your Phoenix Public Library card.

Presented by Kam Draper, Senior Sales Representative - ReferenceUSA

Wednesday, October 25th, 10-11am. Saguaro Library. Register here.

Wednesday, December 13th, 11-12pm. Palo Verde Library. Register here.


​Rapport Building: How to Build Effective Business Relationships

Building rapport is an essential skill for business development, negotiations and other high-stakes communications. Imagine if you could quickly build rapport and trust when you’re on a sales call or even if you're just trying to get help from a service provider. It is a fact that when people like each other, in business or friendship, they tend to trust each other AND people generally buy from people they trust. In this workshop, you will learn proven techniques to build rapport so that you can communicate more effectively and build strong relationships for greater business success.

Presented by Vered Kogan, Executive Coach & Career Strategist.

6-7:30pm; Tuesday, November 14th - Cholla Library

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​How To Master The Inner Game Of Entrepreneurship

While most business courses focus on preparing entrepreneurs for all the “external” challenges they’ll face - recruiting their dream team, launching products, financing - there’s little attention paid to all of the internal struggles one faces when launching a business. But, much like a sport, what separates winners from the rest is the ability to focus on and master the “inner” game. How you deal with adversity, challenging clients or partners, and financial uncertainty is more about how you talk to yourself than just about anything else. It’s about how you manage the little voices in your head, your emotions, and maintain the positive but realistic energy you need to keep going and succeed. In this workshop, you will learn how to tap into your “superpowers” by leveraging the power of your mind to master the inner game of entrepreneurship. 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017  6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - Mesquite Library

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