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6 by 4: The Nursery Rhyme Project6 by 4: The Nursery Rhyme Project<div class="ExternalClass6C35443069F44B27830FBCD9B8ED1E01">​Children that know 6 rhymes by the age of 4 become more successful readers! Using rhyming words helps children to hear the small sounds that make up words. This is an important early literacy skill that makes it much easier to sound out words when learning to read. Go get your rhyme on!<br><br>Share and print out the following nursery rhymes with your young children to develop a strong sense of language and the foundation for reading success.<br></div>





​Children that know 6 rhymes by the age of 4 become more successful readers! ​Children that know 6 rhymes by the age of 4 become more successful readers! Services/6 by 4/6x4_titlegraphic_300px.png588
ChocolateChocolate Services/6 by 4/6by4-Chocolate_web.jpg578
Cinco PollitosCinco Pollitos Services/6 by 4/6by4-CincoPollitos_web.jpg579
Engine, Engine Number NineEngine, Engine Number Nine Services/6 by 4/6by4-EngineEngine_web.jpg580
Hickory Dickory DockHickory Dickory Dock Services/6 by 4/6by4-HickoryDickory_web.jpg581
Jack and JillJack and Jill Services/6 by 4/6by4-JackJill_web.jpg582
Little Miss MuffetLittle Miss Muffet Services/6 by 4/6by4-LittleMissMuffet_web.jpg583
RainRain Services/6 by 4/6by4-Rain_web.jpg584
Roses Are RedRoses Are Red Services/6 by 4/6by4-RosesAreRed_web.jpg585
Row, Row, Row Your BoatRow, Row, Row Your Boat Services/6 by 4/6by4-RowRowRow_web.jpg586













ChocolateChocolate<i class="fa-sharp fa-solid fa-bowl-spoon"></i> Rhymes/Chocolate_6x4-Nursery-Rhyme_11x17_2022update.pdfNew Window
Cielito LindoCielito Lindo<i class="fa-solid fa-cloud-sun"></i> Rhymes/CielitoLindo_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Cinco PollitosCinco Pollitos<i class="fa-duotone fa-bird"></i> Rhymes/CincoPollitos_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Engine, Engine Number NineEngine, Engine Number Nine<i class="fa-solid fa-train"></i> Rhymes/EngineEngineNumberNine_11x17_2022.pdfNew Window
Hickory Dickory DockHickory Dickory Dock<i class="fa-solid fa-mouse-field"></i> Rhymes/HickoryDickoryDock_11x17_2023.pdfNew Window
I'm a Little TeapotI'm a Little Teapot<i class="fa-duotone fa-mug-hot"></i> Rhymes/ImALittleTeaPot_6x4-Nursery-Rhyme_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Itsy Bitsy SpiderItsy Bitsy Spider<i class="fa-solid fa-spider"></i> Rhymes/ItsyBitsySpider_6x4-Nursery-Rhyme_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Jack and JillJack and Jill<i class="fa-solid fa-bucket"></i> Rhymes/Jack-and-Jill_11x17_2023.pdfNew Window
Little Boy BlueLittle Boy Blue<i class="fa-regular fa-snooze"></i> Rhymes/LittleBoyBlue_6x4-Nursery-Rhyme_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Little Miss MuffetLittle Miss Muffet<i class="fa-solid fa-bowl-food"></i> Rhymes/LittleMissMuffet_11x17_2023.pdfNew Window
Mary Had a Little LambMary Had a Little Lamb<i class="fa-solid fa-sheep"></i> Rhymes/Mary Had a Little Lamb_6x4-Nursery-Rhyme_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
RainRain<i class="fa-solid fa-raindrops"></i> Rhymes/Rain_11x17_2022.pdfNew Window
Ring Around the RosieRing Around the Rosie<i class="fa-solid fa-flower"></i> Rhymes/RingAroundTheRosie_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window
Roses Are RedRoses Are Red<i class="fa-solid fa-heart"></i> Rhymes/RosesAreRed_11x17_2022.pdfNew Window
Row Your BoatRow Your Boat<i class="fa-solid fa-sailboat"></i> Rhymes/RowYourBoat_11x17_2022.pdfNew Window
This Little PiggyThis Little Piggy<i class="fa-solid fa-pig"></i> Rhymes/ThisLittlePiggy_11x17_2023.pdfNew Window
Three Little KittensThree Little Kittens<i class="fa-solid fa-cat"></i> Rhymes/Three Little Kittens_11x17_2020.pdfNew Window