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Celebrate Black Voices Art Contest

Congratulations to the winners of Palo Verde Library's 2019 art contest in celebration of Black History Month!


Lorna Simpson, photographer

by Roslyn, grade 3
Eagle College Prep Elementary

Jesse Owens, athlete

​by Ella, grade 3
Sonoran Sky Elementary


Ella Fitzgerald, singer

​by Hannah, grade 7
Heritage Middle School



Jackie Robinson, athlete

by Vanessa, grade 8
Frank Borman School


Tupac, rapper

by Ivann, grade 9
Maryvale High School



Everything Stays the Same

by John, grade 11
Mountain Point High School



​Honorable Mentions

Black Lives Matter

by Isabella, grade 6
​Salt River Elementary



by Marcos, grade 6
Salt River Elementary​


Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights activist, minister​

by Jayden, grade 10
Trevor G. Browne High School


Rosa & The Bus, civil rights activist

by Carlos, grade 11
Bioscience High School​


Michael Jackson, performer

by Melissa, grade 12
Maryvale High School​


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