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​Games for Kids



Funschool - Arts & Music
Create a cartoon or superhero of your very own or play a musical match game!


Cool Math
"An amusement park of math and more" - check out math lessons, practice activities, as well as a math dictionary and reference section.

FunBrain - Math Arcade
Play 25 games with a customizable game piece unique to you! Grades 1-8.

Funschool - Math
Develop preschool skills like counting or number identification or try your hand at addition, fractions and more.


Big Cats Memory Game
This National Geographic game has you matching "big cats" in a timed memory game.

Fish Kids
Hone your memory skills with these simple memory card games from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

FunBrain - Buried Memories
Remember where a number of items are buried and you win the game!

New York Philharmonic Music Match Games
Get those ears ready and play Music Match Composers or Music Match Instruments.

Word-Image Match Game
Flip over cards and match word with art image in this memory game from The Getty.


FunBrain - ReadingBrain
Includes popular characters from kids' literature, Mad Libs Junior and a comics section.

Funschool - Language
Learn about interesting topics while practicing language and reading skills with word puzzles and familiar games like Hangman.

A fun phonics approach to learning to read; ideal for preschool through second grade, special education, homeschooling and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL).


Discovery Kids Yucky Fun & Games
Play yucky games or explore yucky labs!

Science is everywhere! Learn a magic trick or try out a recipe from this collection of games and activities for kids of all ages.

Funschool - Science
Play dozens of games featuring animals, astronomy, nutrition, health and plant science.

National Geographic Kids
Action, adventure and geography games, puzzles and quizzes.


Disney Junior
Games include By Character, Action, Colors & Shapes, Counting & Math, Creativity, Dress Up, Matching, Maze, Memory, Music and Puzzles.

FunBrain - Kids Center
All FunBrain games in one convenient place! Organized by subject and grade level (K-8).

Kids in the Stacks Games - Scholastic
Play games of all kinds, including some about your favorite books and book series. You can also create your own game!

LEGO Games
Games of action, strategy and adventure; creative games as well as those for preschoolers.

Just for fun! A huge arcade of games ranging from action to sports, luck and chance to brain busters.

​More General Image of boy and girl laying on floor playing on a laptop computer. 

PBS Kids
Starring your favorite PBS Kids friends from shows like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train and more, this site offers games on the topics of reading, letters, numbers, science, math, literacy, spelling and vocabulary.

Pilkey's Groovy Games
Fans of Dav Pilkey (author of the Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta books) will enjoy this collection of funny and wacky games.

Pitara Kids Network
For families who want to mix fun with learning, this site offers activities for the littlest ones ("Junior Games") and also for those who want more of a challenge ("Advanced Games"). Mind, skill, word and math games included.

Sesame Street
Various games browsable by subject, theme and character. Includes art games and games specifically for toddlers.

Enter the world of Dr. Seuss and friends with games that challenge your basic skills in physics, music, geography, spelling, rhyming and more!

Star Wars Games
Just for fun, this site offers puzzle and strategy, activity and coloring games all with familiar Star Wars characters. For ages 8 and up.

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