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Back to SchoolBack to School<div class="ExternalClass58D75743433441E7A719B502419D1600"><h2>Phoenix Public Library is here to help make the transition back into the academic year smooth and enjoyable for the whole family.<br></h2><p>​​​<br></p><h3>Here are a few easy ways to make Phoenix Public Library part of your routine this school year and beyond. </h3><ol><li><a href="/services/borrowing/ecard-registration">Get a library card for everyone in the family​</a>. Each card can check out up to 35 items and can hold up to 15 items at a time. Check out periods are for 3 weeks. <br><br></li><li>Take advantage of our <a href="/browse/elibrary">eLibrary</a> for access to a whole world of eBooks, eAudiobooks and even interactive children’s books available 24/7. <br><br></li><li>Research on the horizon? Check out our <a href="/browse/learning-research/a-to-z">eResources</a> and bring your “A” game to every report and project this school year. <br><br></li><li>Schedule library days into your family calendar. <a href="/locations">Library visits</a> are great for browsing our shelves and for checking out new books for assignments or for free reading time. Pick up a FREE <a href="/kids/programs/kids-cafe">Kids Café</a> meal during your afterschool visit!<br><br></li></ol><h2>Join us this school year and make the library a lifelong habit!​<br></h2></div>





Go back to school with Phoenix Public Library!Go back to school with Phoenix Public Library! Services/BTS_web.jpg313
Gear up and have the best school year ever!Gear up and have the best school year ever! Services/BTS-momkid_web.jpg314













Student HQStudent HQ<i class="fad fa-user-graduate"></i>​​Looking for information on preparing for the ACT or the SAT? Check out our guide to doing it online.<div class="ExternalClassF40EC50F25914757B9D41B306382492D">​​Phoenix Public Library offers a collection of databases and online learning platforms that cover the subjects of history, language learning, social studies, science and more. Looking for information on preparing for the ACT or the SAT? Check out our guide to doing it online.<br></div>
eResources for KidseResources for Kids<i class="fas fa-mouse"></i><div class="ExternalClassAD2145C0A9E147C7961F21A43133A563"><h2>​Grab your<a href="/services/borrowing/library-cards"> Phoenix Public Library card</a> and discover eResources just for you, free and any time.<br></h2></div>









FlipsterFlipster<div class="ExternalClassE90247A2F9C84851BB307492D31FE34E">​Access Flipster's library of popular magazine titles including People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Parents and Time from any computer, laptop, or mobile device that is connected to the internet and click on a magazine to view it immediately within your browser.<br></div>
FreegalFreegal<div class="ExternalClassB65A1E9E270B430D8A9BA42D5F503DDD"><p>​Freegal is a music download and streaming service that offers access to 16 million+ songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists. In total the collection is comprised of music from over 40,000+ labels with music that originates in over 100 countries. Each Phoenix Public Library card holder may download up to 5 songs per week in addition to unlimited streaming music. Downloaded files do not expire.<br></p></div>