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StoryWalkStoryWalk<div class="ExternalClass083D2AF1F4ED407789AA35248784C500"><h3>A StoryWalk®​ is a shared reading experience promoting early literacy, movement and adult-child interaction. <br></h3><h3><br>Take a walk as you read and interact with a picture book, page by page, along a park trail!<br></h3><p><br></p><p><em>The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.</em><br></p><p></p><p><br></p><h2>Current trails<br></h2><p><br></p></div>





Explore a story while going for a walk!Explore a story while going for a walk! Services/StoryWalk-child_web.jpg540





Cesar Chavez Park Chavez Park212<div class="ExternalClass0142D7716318467DBAAF0B8A16A0AEEB"><p>Cesar Chavez Park <br>(next to <a href="/locations/cesar-chavez">Cesar Chavez Library​</a>)<br>8440 S. 35th Ave.<br>Laveen, AZ 85339​</p><h4>Stroll around the lake and enjoy a story with your family.  <br></h4><h4>The featured book is<a href="" target="_blank"> <em>Dreamers</em>​</a> by Yuyi Morales.  <br></h4><h4>This StoryWalk® sign text is in English and Spanish.  </h4><h4>Your journey starts on the east side of <a href="/locations/cesar-chavez">Cesar Chavez Library</a>!<br></h4><p><br></p></div>
Harmon Park Park213<div class="ExternalClassE6389C3F6BF64CD4B4C2508450BB4DA1"><p></p><p>Harmon Park <br>(next to <a href="/locations/harmon">Harmon Library</a>)<br>1425 S. 5th Ave. <br>Phoenix, AZ 85003​​</p><h4>Stroll around the park and enjoy a story with your family. <br>T<span style="font-size:1em;">he featured book is </span><a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:1em;"><em>Brave</em></a><span style="font-size:1em;"> by Stacy McAnulty.  </span></h4><h4><span style="font-size:1em;">T</span><span style="font-size:1em;">his StoryWalk® sign text is in English and Spanish.  </span><br></h4><h4><span style="font-size:1em;">Your journey starts next to the playground! ​</span><br></h4><p>​</p></div>
Edison Park Park214<div class="ExternalClassB224EA562F9C4535909DFF8E682E649A"><p>​Edison Park<br aria-hidden="true">901 N. 19th St.,<br aria-hidden="true">Phoenix, 85006</p><h4 style="font-size:13px;">Take a stroll and enjoy a book!​<br></h4><p>​<br></p></div>



















StoryWalk ReadsStoryWalk Reads<iframe style="text-align:center;" src="" width="758px" frameborder="0" height="350px"></iframe>