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CollectionsCollections<div class="ExternalClass361DB992676C472586AEAC8AD94AE42B"><p>​​​​You can find a lot more than books in the Arizona Room, including city directories, periodicals, vertical files, and other special collections.</p><h4>City Dire​​ctories​</h4><p>We have a large collection of city directories, including Metro Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, and the East Valley. Microfiche of Phoenix to the 1950s is also available to view.</p><h4>Periodi​​​cals</h4><p>The Arizona Room holds a wide variety of magazines and newspapers, including tribal newspapers Ak-Chin O’odham Runner, Fort Apache Scout, and Navajo Times.</p><h4>Verti​​cal Files</h4><p>This collection holds articles clipped from Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette from the late 1960s through early 1990s. Articles relate to a vast number of subjects and topics on local and state news and events. An index file for searching is available in the Arizona Room.</p><h4>Susan Arre​​ola Postcard Collection</h4><p>The Susan Arreola Postcard Collection, which consists of approximately 2500 historic vintage postcards, ranges from the 1910s to the 1960s. Postcards are a great visual resource for the past. This collection is providing pictorial documentation of life and culture in early Phoenix, from the years surrounding Arizona statehood into the 1960s.​<br></p></div>





Central Avenue at Monroe Street from the Susan Arreola Postcard CollectionCentral Avenue at Monroe Street from the Susan Arreola Postcard Collection Room/DowntownPostcard_web.jpg369













Arizona Memory Project: Downtown Phoenix from the Susan Arreola Postcard CollectionArizona Memory Project: Downtown Phoenix from the Susan Arreola Postcard Collection<i class="fa-solid fa-city"></i><div class="ExternalClass358462CAF07D4E58928D6A5B8F4F1EE5"><p>​Downtown Phoenix from the Susan Arreola Postcard Collection<br></p></div> Window
Arizona Memory Project: Phoenix Public LibraryArizona Memory Project: Phoenix Public Library<i class="fa-solid fa-cabinet-filing"></i><div class="ExternalClass7C4A4E45CDD04714B2B23BEBF81DAE12"><p>​<br></p></div><p>​</p> Window
Arizona Memory Project: Van Buren StreetArizona Memory Project: Van Buren Street<i class="fa-solid fa-road"></i><div class="ExternalClass47083F73FF9A427B9CB137A65620F73A"><p>Van Buren Street from the Susan Arreola Postcard Collection​<br></p></div> Window