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James H. McClintock CollectionJames H. McClintock Collection<div class="ExternalClass9382550045A94F159BE4CA20610DB4F4"><h4>​The McClintock Collection is an archive consisting of photos, letters, notes, newspaper clippings, and various ephemera produced or collected by journalist and historian, James H. McClintock. This collection is the cornerstone of the Arizona Room Collection and includes 2,000 photo prints, 15 scrapbooks, and 33 linear feet of files. Among the items are correspondences between McClintock and President Theodore Roosevelt. This collection is unique, irreplaceable, and represents a tremendous contribution to the History of Arizona. Appointments must be made in advance to view items from this collection. </h4><h4><br></h4><h4>Please call 602-262-4636 for more information or <a href="/services/ask-us">AskUs</a> via email.​<br></h4></div>