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Printing, Scanning, Copying & FaxingPrinting, Scanning, Copying & Faxing<div class="ExternalClass3B36755766654256AFA95BFAB5B37A39"><p>The Library offers both black-and-white or color printing and photocopying. Effective April 4, 2022, c​harges are as follows:</p><ul><li>Black-and-white - 20 cents per page (10 cents per page at South Mountain Community Library)</li><li>Color - 40 cents per page (50 cents per page at South Mountain Community Library)</li></ul><p>Print or copy jobs may be paid for with cash only and may be paid with one-dollar and five-dollar bills as well as coins. Prices vary due to contractual agreements with the leasing agencies involved.<br></p><p>Learn how easy it is to print, scan, copy and fax at Phoenix Public Library.​​​<br></p><p><em>Faxing is not available at South Mountain Community Library.</em><br></p></div>















Copying TutorialCopying Tutorial<div class="ExternalClass14FAC783633F45C8BD325BD9E2A0A29F"><div><p>​Learn how to make a copy.<br></p></div></div>68
Faxing TutorialFaxing Tutorial<div class="ExternalClassEEADD2C9C6504A6590C26F1BC989E35B"><div><p>​Sending a fax from the library is simple! Learn how.<br></p></div></div>62
Mobile Printing TutorialMobile Printing Tutorial<div class="ExternalClass02B10F1F654C42DEAC5B863E7C9F8C20"><p>​Learn how to print a document from a mobile device.​<br></p></div>72
Retrieving a Print Job TutorialRetrieving a Print Job Tutorial<div class="ExternalClass04B8A44140F946B4A7D181B78718B48F"><div><p>​Learn how to retrieve your print job. It's easy!<br></p></div></div>60
Scanning TutorialScanning Tutorial<div class="ExternalClassCE53B6F06D434657AA160F03C88FB8B9"><div><p>​Need to scan a document? Follow these simple steps.<br></p></div></div>61
Tutorial Para Enviar un Fax (Español)Tutorial Para Enviar un Fax (Español)<div class="ExternalClass70681B3B7C954812BBDAAE120DB66259"><p>​<span style="color:#030303;font-family:roboto, arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;white-space:pre-wrap;background-color:#f9f9f9;">¡Enviar un fax desde la biblioteca es sencillo! Aprenda cómo.</span><br></p></div>65
Tutorial Para Escanear (Español)Tutorial Para Escanear (Español)<div class="ExternalClass631B2BC0B4C646F4902584D3F33582E7"><p>​¿Necesita escanear un documento? Siga estos sencillos pasos.​<br></p></div>64
Tutorial Para Fotocopiar (Español)Tutorial Para Fotocopiar (Español)<div class="ExternalClass9BC7D06FCFE844FCA25D57BAD003014F"><p>​Aprenda como a hacer una copia.​<br></p></div>63
Tutorial Para Imprimir un Documento (Español)Tutorial Para Imprimir un Documento (Español)<div class="ExternalClass821AE00A83F44055B9B366C3CD5F75E3"><p>​Aprenda a imprimir un documento. ¡Es fácil!​<br></p></div>69