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ApprenticeshipsApprenticeships<div class="ExternalClass231CA9A8F0B04439A9BAC9EDF44837D5"><p>Apprenticeships are often overlooked as a rewarding, worthwhile career and life pursuit. Apprenticeship programs are growing beyond the traditional manufacturing and construction industries and can now be pursued in health care, energy, information technology and transportation industries. Lasting anywhere from one to six years (depends on the industry), those enrolled in an apprenticeship program immediately earn wages. "The average wage for a fully proficient worker who completed an apprenticeship translates to approximately $50,000 annually. Apprentices who complete their program earn approximately $300,000 more over their career than non-apprenticeship participants." (Mathematica Apprenticeship Earnings Study 2012) Once the apprenticeship is complete, the "apprentice" has both an education, and actual practical on-the-job skills and experience. Nationally c​ertified apprenticeship programs allow those completing them more career advancement opportunities and location choice.<br></p></div>

















AZDES Apprenticeship OfficeAZDES Apprenticeship Office<div class="ExternalClassD856B55C00CA4945AE32AC6EFC0ECC98"><p>​Arizona Department of Economic Security Apprenticeship Office (AZDES)​<br></p></div> Window
AZWACAAZWACA<div class="ExternalClass20265E1C8C7248B58AA8E96BA17A3D4D"><p>Arizona Western Apprenticeship Coordinators Association​</p></div> Window
Apprenticeship ProgramsApprenticeship Programs<div class="ExternalClass6E964A013A40454980924F1B216D0BD5"><p>​Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Arizona (AZDES)​<br></p></div> Window
Arizona at WorkArizona at Work<div class="ExternalClass35280298F30F400EA458426ED42A190C">​When looking for a job, it helps to have connections. Whether you are searching for your first job, making a career switch, or planning to reenter the workforce, ARIZONA@WORK is the place to start.<br></div> Window
Labor Apprenticeship FinderLabor Apprenticeship Finder<div class="ExternalClass455E5EA0477C4B0481F98E42AFF2441E"><p>​US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Finder​<br></p></div> Window
Training ProgramsTraining Programs<div class="ExternalClass887F334176F74CFEA069947A1B1F53F2"><p>Links to Training Programs by Arizona Western Apprenticeship Coordinators Association (​AZWACA​)<br></p></div> Window