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Career ExplorationCareer Exploration<div class="ExternalClass7A960022412B4EE79F17BC92D3470BA9">Find resources to allow you to explore a variety of careers and career information, including job descriptions and pay ranges.<br></div>

















Goodwill My Career AdvisorGoodwill My Career Advisor<i class="fas fa-copy"></i><div class="ExternalClass708838254DB048D583C9BD8F7B34FA27"><p>A unique platform, including live chat, which is designed to help with career services such as: Resume & Cover, Letter Builders, Resume Feedback, Training Modules​​​​​​, Employment Opportunities</p><p></p></div> Window
College DepotCollege Depot team of college planning advisors and assistants offer one-on-one appointments and workshops regarding admissions, financial aid, and scholarships.<div class="ExternalClassFE80071C88474EA6905587927C8B405E"><p>​College Depot is a free, full-service college access center located at the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix, Arizona​. College Depot is a program of the Phoenix Public Library. Our team of college planning advisors and assistants offer one-on-one appointments and workshops regarding admissions, financial aid, and scholarships. Call as at 602.261.8847, email, or <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>click here​</strong></a> to schedule an appointment.<br></p></div>





CareerOne Stop StopNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClassA19685008D784B43A29BA463824EFF9D">Features a broad & deep collection of information about careers on the Web. They provide information & tools to help job seekers, students, businesses & career professionals.<br><br><ul><li>Access self-assessment & employment trends.</li><li>Browse occupations & industries.</li><li>Wage & salary information.<br></li></ul></div>





O*NET OnlineO*NET Online<div class="ExternalClassE3C97E97BC064198AB8088AB8A4FC023">​Detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development & HR professionals, students, researchers, & more!<br><ul><li>Access a set of assessment instruments designed to assist individuals in exploring careers & making career decisions.<br></li></ul></div>
Peterson's Career PrepPeterson's Career Prep<div class="ExternalClass61EE60BA80044A619146E8F3E96D6990">​Provides guidance and essential activities for job-seekers and those exploring career options.<br></div>
Universal Class - Online ClassesUniversal Class - Online Classes<div class="ExternalClass7F3B791AEB984171AB807C265044969D">Learn something new today - choose from nearly 500 online classes facilitated by instructors.<br><br><br></div><i class="fad fa-lightbulb-on"></i>