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Career ExplorationCareer Exploration<div class="ExternalClass7A960022412B4EE79F17BC92D3470BA9">Find resources to allow you to explore a variety of careers and career information, including job descriptions and pay ranges.<br></div>





Find New CareersFind New Careers













College DepotCollege Depot team of college planning advisors and assistants offer free one-on-one appointments and workshops regarding admissions, financial aid, and scholarships.<div class="ExternalClassFE80071C88474EA6905587927C8B405E"><h4><span style="font-size:17.3333px;">​College Depot at Phoenix Public Library is a free, full-service college access center located at the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team of college planning and re-engagement advisors offer one-on-one appointments to assist with all action steps necessary to earn a GED, diploma, college degree or apprenticeship, and host workshops including admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and more. </span><span style="font-size:17.3333px;">​College Depot offers virtual and in-person appointments 6 days a week.​ Call us at 602.261.8847, email </span><a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration-line:underline;"><span style="color:#0000ff;font-size:17.3333px;"><strong>​</strong></span></a><span style="font-size:17.3333px;">, or click </span><a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration-line:underline;"><span style="color:#0000ff;font-size:17.3333px;"><strong>here​</strong></span></a><span style="font-size:17.3333px;"> to schedule an appointment.​</span></h4></div>





Goodwill My Career Advisor []Goodwill My Career AdvisorNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass708838254DB048D583C9BD8F7B34FA27"><p></p></div>A unique platform with live chat, designed to help with career services including Resume & Cover Letter Builders, Resume Feedback, Training Modules, and Employment Opportunities.​<br>
CareerOne Stop StopNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClassA19685008D784B43A29BA463824EFF9D">Features a broad & deep collection of information about careers on the Web. They provide information & tools to help job seekers, students, businesses & career professionals.<br><br><ul><li>Access self-assessment & employment trends.</li><li>Browse occupations & industries.</li><li>Wage & salary information.<br></li></ul></div>





O*NET OnlineO*NET Online<div class="ExternalClassE3C97E97BC064198AB8088AB8A4FC023">​Detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development & HR professionals, students, researchers, & more!<br><ul><li>Access a set of assessment instruments designed to assist individuals in exploring careers & making career decisions.<br></li></ul></div>
Peterson's Test and Career PrepPeterson's Test and Career Prep<div class="ExternalClass2A9AB0EDDFA3436C801FD3625CFE3C13"><p>​Digital exam and career prep resources can help students and users be better prepared down the road for both college and their career. Discover comprehensive test prep and career solutions from Peterson's, a world-leading educational provider.<br></p></div><i class="fa-solid fa-desktop"></i>
UdemyUdemy<div class="ExternalClass9C9B0E47C8BD4DFC9B48D213B0E8C843"><p>​Thousands of high-quality, on-demand video courses taught by world-class instructors across 75 categories.<br>​<br></p></div>
Universal Class - Online ClassesUniversal Class - Online Classes<div class="ExternalClass7F3B791AEB984171AB807C265044969D">Learn something new today - choose from nearly 500 online classes facilitated by instructors.<br><br><br></div><i class="fad fa-lightbulb-on"></i> class240x70.png