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Job Ads and Job FairsJob Ads and Job Fairs<div class="ExternalClassF3DD76A6FFCB4C6380C632323A878647"><p>​It is easy to be overwhelmed when searching for a new job - check out these job ads, job fairs, and online sites to find jobs that fit your skills.</p><p>Print or snap a pic of the job ads and job fair flyers.</p><p>Search the online sites, upload your resume, and apply. These resources require you to make a free account with them, so you can save your searches, upload your resume, and be notified when new jobs in your interest area appear.</p>​<br></div>





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Job Fair - Glendale - December 8Job Fair - Glendale - December 8 Fair - Glendale - 12.08.22.pdfNew Window
Job Fair - PHX Airport - Various DatesJob Fair - PHX Airport - Various Dates Fair - PHX Airport - Various dates (feb 7).pdfNew Window
Job Fair - Phoenix Airport - Various DatesJob Fair - Phoenix Airport - Various Dates Fair - PHX Airport - Various dates ending 06.12.22.pdfNew Window
Job Fair - Royal Palms Resort & Spa - December 8Job Fair - Royal Palms Resort & Spa - December 8 Fair - Royal Palms Resort - 12.08.22.pdfNew Window





ABM - Warehouse Workers, Cleaners, & Floor Techs Ad - ABM - 10.06.22.pdfABM - Warehouse Workers, Cleaners, & Floor TechsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BABM is holding open job interviews Monday-Friday from 2pm for a variety of positions.
Arizona Grand Resort and Spa Ad - Arizona Grand Resort & Spa _ 10.31.2022.pdfArizona Grand Resort and SpaCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BView the various jobs available at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa!
Camp Civitan exp 3-31-2023.pdfCamp CivitanCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BApply today if you are 18 years of age or older for a fulfilling experience helping others. Camp Civitan is hiring for cool jobs at their cool camp in Williams, AZ.
Hilton Phoenix Ad - Hilton Phoenix - 10.06.22.pdfHilton PhoenixCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BThe Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak is hiring for over 24 different positions around the resort, so check them out!
Hyatt Job Opportunties Ad - Hyatt - 08.31.22 (evergreen flyer).PNG.pdfHyatt Job OpportuntiesCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BHyatt offers both full-time and part-time jobs in all areas of the hospitality business. They have extensive benefits for both full-time and part-time, and even offer seasonal positions.
Jovie Caregivers Holiday Caregivers exp 1-31-2023.pdfJovie CaregiversCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BJovi hires and trains in-home caregivers. The company started in 2001 as College Nannies and Sitters. Jovi is a leading full service childcare brand with offices throughout the country.
Justice Friendly Employers Justice Friendly Employers exp 12-31-2022.pdfJustice Friendly EmployersCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BCheck out this list of local employers (provided by Chicanos Por La Causa) who support their communities by employing folks who have been through the justice system. (Updated 07/26/2022)
LR Distributors Distributors exp 12-31-2022.pdfLR DistributorsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BLR Distributors is hiring Field Merchandisers in Scottsdale, Fountain HIlls, Bull Head City, and Laveen. (Updated 07/12/2022)
Legend - Caregivers, LPN's, Group Home Managers Ad - Legend DDD Services - 10.06.22.pdfLegend - Caregivers, LPN's, Group Home ManagersCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BLegend is hiring for positions throughout the valley, and include paid training!
Machine Operators - Crest Technologies Ad - Crest Technologies - 10.06.22.pdfMachine Operators - Crest TechnologiesCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BCrest Technologies is looking to hire Machine Operators, and offers a number of different benefits as they start to expand into Arizona.
Maricopa County Superior Court County Superior CourtCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BHiring for Maricopa County Clerks of the Superior court, offering generous sick, vacation, holiday pay, and alternative work schedules with teleworking options. (Updated 08/16/2022)
Peer Support Specialists - Community Bridges Ad - Community Bridges - 10.31.22.pdfPeer Support Specialists - Community BridgesCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BMultiple locations are available, with benefits!
Phone Positions - Specialty Graphics, Inc Ad - Specialty Graphic Inc - 10.31.22.pdfPhone Positions - Specialty Graphics, Inc Current Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BWe have been in business since 1991 and have supplied promotional products to many small businesses across the country. No experience? No Problem! We will pay you to let us train you!
Production Assemblers exp 12-31-2022.pdfProduction AssemblersCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BCoWorx is currently hiring for Production Assemblers in Phoenix, who will be responsible for assembling small electronics! (Updated 07/20/22)
Senior Employment program (AARP) Employment program AARP exp 12-31-2022.pdfSenior Employment program (AARP)Current Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BAre you unemployed, 55 years or older and seeking work experience and training? SCSEP, the Senior Community Service Employment Program, can help you boost your skills while being paid.
Sheraton Phoenix - Various Jobs Ad - Sheraton Phoenix 10.10.22.pdfSheraton Phoenix - Various JobsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BA wide variety of different positions are available at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Phoenix.
T-Mobile Ad - T-Mobile - 08.31.22 (evergreen flyer).pdfT-MobileCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BCheck out the current openings with T-Mobile where they state that they have a commitment that all retail employees will earn at least $20/hour, inclusive of base pay and incentives.
Tuff Shed Shed exp 12-31-2022.pdfTuff ShedCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BTuff Shed is currently looking to hire 10-12 full-time employees with benefits and a Monday-Friday schedule. (Updated 08/10/2022)
Urban Strategies - Multiple Positions Ad - Urban Strategies - 10.07.22.pdfUrban Strategies - Multiple PositionsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BUrban Strategies is hiring for teachers, education and disability managers, unification specialists and much more!
ADOT - Multiple Positions Ad - ADOT - 12.02.22.pdfADOT - Multiple PositionsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BCome work for the Arizona Department of Transportation as a Hightway Operations or Transporation Technician!
Disability Services - TCH Ad - TCH - 11.04.22.pdfDisability Services - TCHCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BTCH has a wide variety of positons throughout the Valley, hiring for its mission of supporting individuals with disabilities.
Friendly House Services House Services exp 12-31-2022.pdfFriendly House ServicesTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609B
Healthcare Arizona in Goodyear Ad - Health Care Arizona - 12.02.22.pdfHealthcare Arizona in GoodyearCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BHealthCare Arizona is hiring for multiple positions in Goodyear
Janitorial Services with FlagShip Ad - Flagship - 12.02.22.pdfJanitorial Services with FlagShipCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BFlagShip is hiring for its Phoenix Janitorial team!
LIFT program from St Mary's St Mary's exp 12-31-2022.pdfLIFT program from St Mary'sTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BLIFT is a 6-week warehouse training program, provided by St. Mary’s Food Bank. A new class starts every 6 weeks. Info sessions are every Wednesday at 10 a.m. (Updated 07/12/2022)
Paramedic and Dispatch positions with AMR Ad - AMR - 12.02.22.pdfParamedic and Dispatch positions with AMRCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BApply online to work with American Medical Response.
Phoenix Indian Center - Multiple Positions Ad - PHX Indian Center - 12.02.22.pdfPhoenix Indian Center - Multiple PositionsCurrent Job AdsNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BOffering competitive compensation with benefits, they have a number of different positions available.
AZ@Work - December Workshops - AZ@Work - December.pdfAZ@Work - December WorkshopsTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BResume classes, Interviewing skills, and LinkedIn navigation classes are all available for free through Arizona @ Work this month.
AZ@Work - Job Seeker Services - AZ@Work Resume - 12.02.22.pdfAZ@Work - Job Seeker ServicesTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BArizona @ Work's Job Seeker Services offer: * Job Referrals on * help connecting to potential employers * insight into the local workforce and labor market conditions
Arizona@Work: AZ Job Connection AZ Job ConnectionLocal Job HuntingNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass681D626D6D2E4F2DBFB07BB54D0D9226">Learn about employment, classroom training, on-the-job training, job searching, job readiness assistance, educational and vocational programs, and program partners<br></div>
Career Skills Workshops in Tempe -Career Skills in Tempe - December.pdfCareer Skills Workshops in TempeTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BFive different workshops held at the Tempe Public Library all about resumes, interviewing and more!
Goodwill My Career Advisor []Goodwill My Career AdvisorNational Job ListingsNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClassD156317F4900462797DBE2B02788C395"><p>​A unique platform with live chat, designed to help with career services including Resume & Cover Letter Builders, Resume Feedback, Training Modules, and Employment Opportunities.​​​<br></p></div>
Indeed.com Job ListingsNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass8A3CBCDB46114FCDB71065D5C89E369F">​Use this job search engine to search jobs posted on thousands of company career sites & job boards at one time. Includes, CareerBuilder, & more.<br></div>
Jobing.com Job ListingsNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass15CAAECD44634AE3A5FF1DAF8405CBF7">​Use this to access online job listings & information about local job fairs and events.'s resume tool allows you to post your resume with your name in the link.<br></div>
Linkedin Jobs JobsNational Job ListingsNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClassC2C49DA25F274CBD89EA8B68E3E6A933">​Search a database of job opportunities by job title, keywords, company and location.<br></div><div class="ExternalClassC2C49DA25F274CBD89EA8B68E3E6A933"><br></div><div class="ExternalClassC2C49DA25F274CBD89EA8B68E3E6A933">Sign-up to be part of the professional social networking site to establish & maintain professional connections.<br></div>
St. Joseph the Worker - Employment Services - St. Joseph the Worker.pdfSt. Joseph the Worker - Employment ServicesTraining, Education & ServicesNew Window0x010100BAC29FC12BF93C4A8AFE04BFB4DF609BSt. Joseph the Worker provides services to help you gain and maintain sustainable employment.