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Resumes & Cover LettersResumes & Cover Letters<div class="ExternalClass0393A3D886FF4AB1B788E544B7E11302"><div>​Check out the tools below to be taken step-by-step through the process of creating your resume or cover letter. Our tools allow you to insert pre-written phrases, personalize and save your resume. All for free!</div><div><br></div><div>To see details about the different resources available, choose what you'd like to do and click on 'show more' - or else scroll down to browse through all of our available resources!<br></div><div><br></div></div>





Resumes & Cover LettersResumes & Cover Letters





Build a Resume a Resume174<div class="ExternalClass82E25A4F0FAF4A1EAE402BD0AFD6A39F"><div>Writing a good resume helps a hiring manager understand your background and skills quickly, and often is the first hurdle when looking for work. <br><br>A poorly-m​​​ade resume, or one with the wrong information, can lead to you being overlooked for the position – even if you really do meet all the qualifications. <br></div><div><br></div><div><strong style="color:#006984;"><a href="">Peterson’s Test & Career Prep</a></strong> – Create a free account to access Peterson’s Resume Builder, a tool that allows you to quickly choose a template, add in your information, import details from job sites like LinkedIn, and adjust/edit to taste – all from within your browser. When you are done, share a link to your resume or download it as a PDF or Word Document for uploading to online job applications. </div><div> </div><div><strong style="color:#006984;">​<a href="">Goodwill’s My Career Advisor</a></strong> – Goodwill’s powerful resume building tools are just a click away. R​egister for a free account to gain access to their resume/cover letter builder, explore your career options, hunt for jobs, and much more – including a professional review of your resume.  </div><div> <br></div><div><strong style="color:#006984;"><a href="">Arizona Job Connection</a></strong> – Register for free to access this local organization’s wealth of resources. Job Seekers can upload existing resumes, or create them from scratch using Arizona Job Connection’s built-in resume wizard. Once you have your resume completed, they offer job searching and online applications, all right from their site. </div><div> <br></div><div><strong style="color:#006984;"><a href="">Resume Writing 101​</a></strong> – This online class (offered for free through Phoenix Public Library’s Universal Class) will walk you through the basics of what a resume should look like and what it should highlight. It offers insights into what to include, what to avoid, and how to tailor your resume to a particular job.​<br></div><p><br></p></div>
Make a Cover Letter a Cover Letter177<div class="ExternalClass48C6DA55D8D04EBF8448667680290AD6"><p>​A Cover Letter acts as an introduction and overview of your resume and is an easy way to quickly grab a prospective employer’s attention and to highlight the narrative of your work experience.<br></p><div><strong style="color:#006984;"><a href="">Goodwill’s My Career Advisor​</a></strong> – Goodwill’s powerful resume building tools are just a click away. Register for a free account to gain access to their resume/cover letter builder, explore your career options, hunt for jobs, and much more – including a professional review of your resume. <br></div></div>









Peterson's Career PrepPeterson's Career Prep<i class="fad fa-file-user"></i><div class="ExternalClass8DE9656BACB447CC9AEDD8341CEA8E67"><p>​Creating or updating a Resume? Peterson’s Career Prep has a resume editor with templates that will save your progress automatically!<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p></div> Window





Goodwill My Career Advisor []Goodwill My Career AdvisorNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass708838254DB048D583C9BD8F7B34FA27"><p></p></div>A unique platform with live chat, designed to help with career services including Resume & Cover Letter Builders, Resume Feedback, Training Modules, and Employment Opportunities.​<br>
Arizona Job Connection Job ConnectionNew Window0x0100B7E011FE46583C4E8C35CBD368DCEE8D0079739691E7ACA5418776612748C8B5B7<div class="ExternalClass35383AF606EA42F1B8693C830C1953A8"><p>Create and post your resume online for employers to view and set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically review job postings and notify you of jobs that match your skills and criteria​.<br></p></div>





Peterson's Test and Career PrepPeterson's Test and Career Prep<div class="ExternalClass2A9AB0EDDFA3436C801FD3625CFE3C13"><p>​Digital exam and career prep resources can help students and users be better prepared down the road for both college and their career. Discover comprehensive test prep and career solutions from Peterson's, a world-leading educational provider.<br></p></div><i class="fa-solid fa-desktop"></i>
Resume Writing 101Resume Writing 101<div class="ExternalClassDD261747D4824AE69439BB5F38663E41">​Learn not just what a resume should look like, but what it should say. Get step-by-step instruction on the creation of the most common sections found on resumes in today's job market. In addition to helping you determine what information should be included, the class also goes a step further to help you realize what pitfalls to avoid when creating this powerful, job-searching tool.<br></div>