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Jan CleereJan Cleere<div class="ExternalClassECBB74A990824A26805F623385A86F3B"><h2><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><span data-ccp-charstyle="Hyperlink">Never Don't Pay Attention: The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa</span></span> </a><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><span data-ccp-parastyle="heading 4">by Jan </span><span data-ccp-parastyle="heading 4">Cleere</span></span> </h2><div class="OutlineElement Ltr BCX9 SCXW139594733" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;overflow:visible;cursor:text;clear:both;direction:ltr;color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;"><p class="Paragraph SCXW139594733 BCX9" role="heading" aria-level="4" style="margin-bottom:0px;padding:0px;font-style:italic;vertical-align:baseline;background-color:transparent;color:#2f5496;"><span data-contrast="none" class="TextRun EmptyTextRun SCXW139594733 BCX9" lang="EN-US" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;color:#00485b;font-weight:bold;font-style:normal;font-size:13pt;font-family:"helvetica neue", "helvetica neue_msfontservice", sans-serif;line-height:22.6625px;"></span><span class="EOP SCXW139594733 BCX9" data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559738":40,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;font-size:13pt;line-height:22.6625px;font-family:"helvetica neue", "helvetica neue_msfontservice", sans-serif;color:#00485b;"> </span></p></div><div><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Award-winning writer, historian, and lecturer Jan Cleere has just released her sixth historical nonfiction book, </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Military Wives in Arizona Territory: A History of Women Who Shaped the Frontier</em></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">, detailing the lives of women who came west with their military husbands in the mid to late 1800s. Combining the words of these women with original research and tracing their movements from camp to camp, Jan explores the tragedies and triumphs they experienced. Her other books include </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Never Don’t Pay Attention: The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa</em></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">, winner of the 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards for best Arizona biography and best Arizona book;<em> Levi’s & Lace: Arizona Women Who Made History</em>, 2012 finalist for the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards; <em>Amazing Girls of Arizona: True Stories of Young Pioneers</em>, Arizona Book Publishing Association Glyph award for best young adult nonfiction, and one of the best books of 2009;<em> Outlaw Tales of Arizona</em>, 2007 winner of the National Federation of Press Women's Literary Competition for Historical Nonfiction; and <em>More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Nevada Women</em>, 2006 WILLA Literary Award Finalist. The Nevada Women's History Project elected Jan to its Roll of Honor for her significant contribution in the preservation of Nevada's women history. The second edition of <em>More Than Petticoats</em>, renamed <em>Nevada’s Remarkable Women</em>, was released in 2015. She is also featured in three anthologies: </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Skirting Traditions: Arizona Women Writers and Journalists 1912-2012</em></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">; </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Wise Women: Remarkable Stories of Native American Trailblazers</em>; </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">and</span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> <em>Badasses of the Old West</em>.</span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> Jan also writes a monthly column, “Western Women,” for Tucson’s </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Arizona Daily Star</em></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> newspaper, recounting the lives of some of Arizona’s early amazing women. Her freelance work appears in national and regional publications.  </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> ​</span></p></div></div>





Never Don't Pay Attention: The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa by Jan CleereNever Don't Pay Attention: The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa by Jan Cleere

















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