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Lorraine HawleyLorraine Hawley<div class="ExternalClass5223855946104A0182035730ED5B303A"><h2><a href="" target="_blank"><em>​</em><em>Curious World of Dandy-Lion</em> by Lorraine Hawley​<br><br></a></h2><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Lorraine Hawley writes stories about tweens, teens, and adult misfits struggling to adapt to fantastical worlds. While she has attempted to write non-magical stories, her characters refuse to stay grounded in reality, leaping off the pages to fly. The author resides in Gilbert, Arizona, with her selfless knight of a husband, Chris, while her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live incredibly close by—next door!</span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span></p><div><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">​Lorraine is excited to connect with her readers and is passionate about bringing forth education in creative writing. Fellow authors, parents, teachers, and librarians are her community, and together we bring words to curious young minds. Contact the author for readings and appearances.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span></p><p><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"><br></span></p><h3><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}">Q + A</span></h3><div><div><h4><br><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">What inspired you to write this book?</span></h4><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Events from my childhood inspired this book. Like many kids, I didn’t know where I fit in, and much like my main character Meredith, I struggled with noise and light sensitivity. I was overwhelmed, dealing with my shyness, insecurities, and overstimulation issues—it was difficult to concentrate in general. Looking back, I came to believe there were other children like me who needed to see themselves working through a difficult time and succeeding. I wrote <em>Curious World of Dandy-Lion</em> to ensure children—especially children who struggle—know that they have the strength to power through hard times and come out stronger.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span></p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US" style="color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"> </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}" style="color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"> </span><br></div><h4><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">What attracted you to middle-grade fantasy? </span></h4><div style="color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">I fell in love with fantasy books at a young age. Specifically, I sought stories that suggested another world, somewhere I could escape to, preferably with a touch of magic just out of reach, with characters who made me believe I was not alone in my oddities.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span> </p></div><div style="color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"><p><span data-contrast="auto" lang="EN-US"></span></p></div></div><div class="SCXW139406596 BCX8" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;color:#000000;font-family:"segoe ui", "segoe ui web", arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;"><h4><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">What book are you currently reading? </span></h4><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Currently, I am reading an advanced reader copy of a fellow middle-grade writer, a darling little STEM steampunk set to release in early 2023 by a debut author, Dani Camarena, called </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><em>Time Writer</em></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><br> </p><h4><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Are you writing anything now? If so, when will it come out? </span></h4><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">I have completed a middle-grade epic fantasy with lots of adventure and magic. The main character is a spunky outcast 12-year-old who struggles to come of age as an Aries in a mythical zodiac world.  It is now out on submission with my agent, Deidre Knight, and looking for the perfect home.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span></p><div><p><span data-contrast="auto" lang="EN-US"></span></p></div><h4><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Do you use your local library?  If so, which library is it and what do you do there? </span></h4><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">I do. I attend writer’s groups in local libraries, or I did before the shutdown. As an active member of the writing community, I love to read fellow authors’ manuscripts and offer feedback. What better place than among the energy of great literature to be inspired?</span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><br><br></p><p><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">When I moved from Phoenix to Gilbert, I joined a group at the Queen Creek Library. Soon after, everything shut down. Now that the world is back in motion, I have signed up again and am delighted to rejoin the community in person. I also love wandering into the Southeast Regional Library by the Riparian Preserve, or Perry Library, my closest, and delving into beautiful words. No one seems to mind that I’m a back cover lurker. I adore reading covers and gawking at gorgeous illustrations. However, I do return the books to the proper spot.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><br></p></div><div><h4><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">If you weren’t a writer, what would you do? </span></h4><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"></span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">Over the years, I have allowed curiosity to guide me in pursuing several jobs and hobbies. Perhaps I would revisit one or two. Though not my first job pulling weeds and gutting fish! </span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span><br><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">I’ve tried my hand at martial arts, earned a 2nd-degree black belt, and trained in kickboxing. Worked a career as a paramedic, a licensed nurse, in marketing, and have owned multiple businesses, even a paintball field.  I am a wife, mom, and, most recently, doting grandma. Each of my experiences have led to this exciting career in writing. Maybe someday I could find a job as an author who travels the world, trying to live inside stories of interesting books taking place in far-off lands. I would love that experience.</span><span data-ccp-props="{"134233279":true,"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span> </p><div class="OutlineElement Ltr SCXW139406596 BCX8" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;overflow:visible;cursor:text;clear:both;direction:ltr;"><p><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"><br></span></p></div></div></div></div>





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