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T. C. LoTempioT. C. LoTempio<div class="ExternalClass28B9B0606F094B11B6961836586C5A42"><h2><em>Murder Faux Paws, A Nick and Nora Mystery</em> by T. C. LoTempio</h2><p> <a href="" target="_blank">eBook</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">eAudiobook</a></p><p> Award-winning and national bestselling author T. C. (Toni) LoTempio has been a lover of mysteries ever since she read her first <em>Nancy Drew</em> at age eight. Born in New York City, she was a New Jersey resident until retiring from her day job and moving to Phoenix in March of 2020, where she now resides with her two cats, Rocco and Maxx.</p><p> The first book in her <em>Nick and Nora</em> mystery series,<em> Meow If It's Murder</em>, was published in December of 2014 and earned her the title of National Bestselling Author. The latest book in this series, <em>Murder Faux Paws</em>, was the recipient of the 2022 Firebird Award for Best Cozy Mystery. Book number six in the series,<em> A Purr Before Dying</em>, will be out next February from Beyond the Page publishing.</p><p> T. C. is also the author of two other series, the <em>Cat Rescue</em> series, published by Crooked Lane, and the <em>Urban Tails Pet Shop</em> mysteries, published by Beyond the Page. The latest in the pet shop mysteries, <em>Killers of a Feather</em>, was released June 21, 2022.</p><p> When she's not busy penning cozies, T.C. enjoys reading mysteries, biographies and true crime fiction. She and Rocco are also supporters of Kids Need to Read, a charity based out of Mesa, Arizona that provides books to disadvantaged children. Find out more here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p><h3> Q + A</h3><h4> What inspired you to write this book?</h4><p> The <em>Nick and Nora</em> series was inspired by my own tuxedo cat Rocco (who writes his own blog, <em>Cats, Books and More Cats!</em>). One rainy afternoon I was laying on my couch in New Jersey watching <em>The Thin Man</em> when Rocco, a twenty-pounder, jumped onto my chest. That started me thinking . . . what if Nick Charles were killed, but came back as a cat? And the <em>Nick and Nora</em> mystery series was born!</p><h4> What attracted you to this genre?</h4><p> I've been attracted to mysteries ever since I read my first <em>Nancy Drew, </em> <em>The Secret in the Old Attic</em>, at age 8. My mother was also a big mystery lover, so it wasn't long before I graduated to Erle Stanley Gardner and Agatha Christie! It continues today, primarily cozies, with more favorite authors than I can list,  many of whom are friends!</p><h4> What book are you currently reading?</h4><p> <em>Forgotten in Death</em> by J. D. Robb</p><h4>Are you writing anything now? If so, when will it come out?</h4><p>>I just finished my second pet shop mystery, <em>Killers of a Feather</em>, which was released June 21 from Beyond the Page. The sixth <em>Nick and Nora</em> mystery, <em>A Purr Before Dying</em>, will be released February 2023. </p><h4> If you weren't a writer, what would you do?</h4><p>I can't imagine not being a writer, but if I weren't . . . I'd probably own a pet shop or a mystery bookstore.</p> ​<br></div>





​Murder Faux Paws, A Nick and Nora Mystery by T. C. LoTempio​Murder Faux Paws, A Nick and Nora Mystery by T. C. LoTempio Authors/JRLAC-LoTempio_web.jpg457













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