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Mirla RazMirla Raz<div class="ExternalClass585E5ACDB1DE4102A3265E833257F89E"><h2><a href="" target="_blank">​The Birds Sang Eulogies: a Memoir ​</a>by Mirla Raz<br></h2><p><br></p><div>Ms. Raz is a retired speech pathologist and the author of the popular <em>Help Me Talk Right </em>books <em>How to Teach a Child to Say the “R” Sound</em> <em>in 15 Easy Lessons</em>, <em>How to Teach a Child to Say the “S” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons</em> and<em> How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15 Easy Lessons</em> and <em>Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do</em>. Ms. Raz is also a contributing author in other publications.  </div><div> <br></div><div>Ms. Raz is a past president of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association. She is a member of the Board and the Education Chair for the Phoenix Holocaust Association. Ms. Raz newest publication is <em>The Birds Sang Eulogies: A Memoir</em>. The book recounts the harrowing experiences of her parents during WWII as they struggled to survive the Nazi’s attempted extermination of the Jews.  <br></div><div> </div><div>Ms. Raz is married to Zohar Raz. They are the proud parents of two daughters and two grandchildren and one on the way.   <br></div><div> </div><h3>What prompted you to write this book?   <br></h3><div>Originally, I wanted to write down my parents' Holocaust stories so future generations of my family would know their history and what my parents endured. I felt it was important for them to understand how our new roots were generated after the Holocaust. As I got into writing the book, I realized the that what I had written was extremely important for others to know. Even though there are many books on the experiences of Holocaust survivors, each is unique as well.  </div><div> </div><h3>Are any of the characters in your book based on real people and if so, who?   <br></h3><div>All the characters are real: my parents, my daughter and I.  </div><div> </div><h3>What type of research did you do to write your book?  <br></h3><div>First, I needed to transcribe what my parents described in the videos I had made in the 1990s of their Holocaust testimonies. When I got to the post-war chapters I researched the history of restitution, compensation and reparations for the Holocaust survivors. I knew that it had not been easy for my parents to gain entry into the United States. I wondered about why. That lead me to research that aspect of their post-war lives and the obstacles that the immigration policies of the United States had put in place to limit the number of Jews who would be allowed into our country. Finally, I researched the reception of the Holocaust survivors by the American Jewish community. I think the reader will find the results of my research quite compelling.    </div><div> </div><h3>What book are you currently reading?  <br></h3><div><em>My Future is in America</em>. <br></div><div><br></div><h3>Are you writing anything now? If so, when will it come out?   </h3><div>I am in the process of writing a play based on the book. I am not sure when I will complete it.  </div><div> </div><h3>Do you use your local library?  If so, which library is it and what do you do there?   <br></h3><div>With COVID I rely on ebooks generally from the Phoenix Library system. </div><div><br>​<br></div><p><br></p><p><br></p></div>





The Birds Sang Eulogies: a Memoir by Mirla RazThe Birds Sang Eulogies: a Memoir by Mirla Raz

















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