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Oran and Mary TkatchovOran and Mary Tkatchov<div class="ExternalClassF09BCA3D59B345E6B9CDE1C18D5A4221"><h2> <em><a href="" target="_blank">Proactive Professional Learning: Creating Conditions for Individual and Organizational Improvement</a></em> by Oran and Mary Tkatchov</h2><p> Oran Tkatchov's career has included such roles as a middle school teacher, high school teacher and charter school director. He has spent the last 17 years directing, presenting and providing professional development in the areas of special education, leadership and organizational improvement for various agencies and businesses.</p><p> Mary Tkatchov has devoted almost two decades to the education field as a former high school teacher and adult educator, and she is currently working in assessment development for Teachers College at Western Governors University. She presents at national conferences and writes articles about education and assessment in higher education.</p><h3>Q + A</h3><h4> What inspired you to write this book?</h4><p> Our love of adult learning and connecting what we learned about school improvement to any type of adult learning and professional development.</p><h4> What attracted you to this genre?</h4><p> We have a long background in education, and wanted to share what we have learned with others.</p><h4>What book are you currently reading?</h4><p><em>Cloud Cuckooland</em> by Anthony Doerr and <em>Forbidden Signs</em> by Douglas C. Baynton</p><h4> Are you writing anything now? If so, when will it come out?</h4><p> We are currently researching two topics: 1) best practices in strategic planning, and 2) accommodations for children and adults with low incidence disabilities. We are hopeful to have one or both books out in 2024-2025.</p><h4> If you weren't a writer, what would you do?</h4><p> N/A</p><h4> Do you use your local library? If so, which library is it and what do you do there?</h4><p> We love our local library! We currently go to <a href="/locations/mesquite">Mesquite Library</a>. We go to Mesquite to check out books and music. Our children also love the kids area.</p>‚Äč<br></div>





Proactive Professional Learning: Creating Conditions for Individual and Organizational Improvement by Oran and Mary TkatchovProactive Professional Learning: Creating Conditions for Individual and Organizational Improvement by Oran and Mary Tkatchov Authors/JRLAC-Tkatchov_web.jpg464













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