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Play the Summer Reading GamePlay the Summer Reading Game<div class="ExternalClass16942E4A3B7E4BF3A9E2158288D887A0"><h2>Play the summer reading game now through August 1. Sign up now at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>!​<br><br></h2><h3>Spend your summer with the library!<br><a href="" target="_blank">Browse all summer reading events</a></h3><h3><br></h3><h2>How to Play<br></h2><ul><li>​<a href="" target="_blank">Register for the game</a>. You can join any time! <br></li><li>Grab a printable gameboard below or<a href="/locations"> in person</a> and/or just play online.</li><li>Read! Read! Read!</li><li>​<a href="">Log your minutes​</a> (points) to earn prizes and to enter grand prize drawings. <br></li><li>Every age and every member of the family is welcome to play!<br></li></ul><h2>Select Prizes</h2><h4>Register </h4><ul><li>FREE Friends book</li></ul><h4>500 points <br></h4><ul><li>​​Raising Cane's coupon<br></li><li>Peter Piper Pizza coupon (Pre-Readers and Kids)<br></li><li>Scholastic Book (Pre-Readers, Kids, and Teens)<br></li></ul><h4>750 points<br></h4><ul><li>​AZ State Parks Pass</li><li>Phoenix Mercury Tickets (online)<br></li><li>PPL Glitter Sticker (Kids and Teens)<br></li></ul><h4>1000 points</h4><ul><li>FREE new book (ordered online)<br></li><li>Super Reader Medal (Kids)<br></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><em>*Additional prizes vary by age group, minutes read and availability.</em></p><h4>Grand Prize Drawings<br></h4><ul><li>Squishmallow (Pre-Readers, Kids, and Teens)</li></ul><h4>Fee Forgiveness</h4></div><div class="ExternalClass16942E4A3B7E4BF3A9E2158288D887A0"><ul><li>​$5 off fees for every 100 minutes read ($50 max per person; Pre-Readers, Kids, and Teens)<br></li></ul><p> See your<a href="/locations"> local library location</a> for details. ​<br></p><p><br></p></div>





Spend your summer reading with the library!Spend your summer reading with the library! Reading/SR-ATN_plain-logo_web.jpg603





Want bonus summer reading points? bonus summer reading points?224<div class="ExternalClass66AA6CA7797B4AA59ABC06E89B220F65"><p>Earn bonus points by going to summer reading programs, completing activities on the summer reading website, and by paying attention to social media.<br><br>Want some bonus points now? Boost your total by entering the following secret code when you log in at <a href="">​</a>: <strong style="color:#009ac3;">BOOKWORMSUMMER</strong><br><br></p></div>