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Seed LibrarySeed Library<div class="ExternalClass8AF1D4286FC940769BB667ADAEF15BF3"><h3>Phoenix Public Library offers a variety of fruit, vegetable and perennial seeds available for check out to Phoenix Public Library customers.  <br></h3><h3>​​Customers may check out up to 3 seed packets at one time per card, every 3 weeks.  Checked out Seed Library items will be removed from customer accounts automatically. ​<br></h3><p>​<br>Phoenix Public Library’s Seed Library is currently in transition to align with City of Phoenix environmental and sustainability initiatives. The current program is available on a limited basis for as long as Phoenix Public Library’s current seed supplies last. Check with your <a href="/locations">preferred location</a>. We anticipate Seed Library will transition through the summer months and hope to bring it back in Fall 2023.<br></p></div>





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