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Growing Instructions for Beets - Red AceGrowing Instructions for Beets - Red Ace<div class="ExternalClassF8259EA7000747F3B1CB450C137BC2B5"><h2>Culture<br></h2><h4>First-rate crops grow quickly in light or loamy soils with a pH over 6.0. In general, cool</h4><div><h4>temperatures produce the best flesh color. Acute weather fluctuations will cause zoning (white rings) in the roots.</h4>​​<br></div><h2>Direct Seeding<br></h2><h4>Begin early sowings when soil has warmed to 45°F (7°C). Sow 15 seeds/ft. 1/2” deep, rows 12–18” apart. Thin to 1 plant per 3”. For a continuous supply of greens and small tender beets, sow seed at 2-week intervals until 8 weeks before regular heavy frosts are expected.<br><br></h4><h2>Harvest and Storage<br></h2><h4>Harvest when roots reach desired size, wash, and store bunches up to 10 days at 32°F (0°C).<br></h4><p><br></p></div>

















Printable Growing Instructions for Beets - Red AcePrintable Growing Instructions for Beets - Red Ace<i class="fa-solid fa-seedling"></i> Library Growing Instructions/Beets-RedAce_Planting-Instructions_SeedLibrary.pdfNew Window