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Growing Instructions for Cilantro - SantoGrowing Instructions for Cilantro - Santo<div class="ExternalClassF24C5F901ADB41FEB4AF55BE5A08B788"><h2>​Sowing<br></h2><h4>Direct seed (recommended) - Sow 1/4- 1/2” deep, 1/4- 1/2” apart in rows at least 3” apart. For leaf harvest, there is no need to thin, as cilantro continues to grow well even when sown thickly. For coriander seed production, thin to stand 2-4” apart. Successive sowings can be done every 2-3 weeks for continual harvest of leaves.<br><br></h4><h2>Harvest<br></h2><h4>Harvestable at every stage. Leaves may be harvested once the plants have become established and before flowering begins. The immature seeds are sweet and fresh and can be harvested after they form on the flowers, until they become brown and dry. Mature seeds are produced about 3 months after planting and are harvested when dry on the plant.​<br></h4><p><br></p></div>

















Printable Growing Instructions for Cilantro - SantoPrintable Growing Instructions for Cilantro - Santo<i class="fa-solid fa-seedling"></i> Library Growing Instructions/Cilantro-Santo_Planting-Instructions_SeedLibrary.pdfNew Window