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Growing Instructions for Cucumber - Marketmore 76Growing Instructions for Cucumber - Marketmore 76<div class="ExternalClass9A4B27333E8444DCA89061B2E149296C"><h2>Culture<br></h2><h4>Requires warm, well-drained soil high in fertility, with a pH of 6–6.8. Consistent, adequate</h4><h4>irrigation is needed to produce an abundant crop. Cucumbers are very sensitive to cold. Make sure both soil and air temperatures have warmed prior to planting.​<br><br></h4><h2>Direct Seeding<br></h2><h4>Wait until soil is warm, at least 70°F (21°C). Cucumber seeds will not germinate at a soil</h4><h4>temperature below 50°F (10°C). Sow 2 seeds/ft., 1/2” deep, in rows 6’ apart. Thin to 12” apart.<br><br></h4><h2>Harvest<br></h2><h4>Once fruit bearing begins, pick daily.​<br><br></h4></div>

















Printable Growing Instructions for Cucumber - Marketmore 76Printable Growing Instructions for Cucumber - Marketmore 76<i class="fa-solid fa-seedling"></i> Library Growing Instructions/Cucumber-Marketmore76_Planting-Instructions_SeedLibrary.pdfNew Window