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Growing Instructions for Jalapeno - EarlyGrowing Instructions for Jalapeno - Early<div class="ExternalClassCB1B6AA808B94C6B9134247BC9F08B41"><h2>Culture</h2><h4>Peppers thrive in well-drained, fertile soils with a pH of 6.5.<br><br></h4><h2>Growing Seedlings<br></h2><h4>Sow seed in 20-row or shallow flats, 4 seeds/in., 1/4” deep, about 8 weeks prior to transplanting. If possible, maintain soil temperatures at 80-90°F (27-32°C). Pepper seeds germinate very slowly in cooler soil. When the first true leaves appear, transplant seedlings into 2” cell-type containers or 4” pots. Grow plants at approx. 70°F (21°C) day and 60°F (16°C) nights.<br></h4><div><br></div><h2>Harvest and Storage<br></h2><div><h4>Pick the first peppers promptly when they reach full size to​​​ encourage further fruit set. Wash and hold at 45°F (7°C).</h4></div><p>​<br></p></div>

















Printable Growing Instructions for Jalapeno - EarlyPrintable Growing Instructions for Jalapeno - Early<i class="fa-solid fa-seedling"></i> Library Growing Instructions/Jalapeno-Early_Planting-Instructions_SeedLibrary.pdfNew Window