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Growing Instructions for Radish - SoraGrowing Instructions for Radish - Sora<div class="ExternalClass2642A80CBE8A4751B524AE8682CE7728"><h2>Culture<br></h2><h4>Radishes require friable, well-drained soils with a pH range of 5.8–6.8. Sow at any time during the season, seeds about 3/4–1” apart For longer, straighter French Breakfast radishes, sow 15–20% more seeds per row than round radishes, 1/2 to 1 cm deeper, and do not irrigate unless absolutely necessary. Radishes are adversely affected by hot, dry weather. They remain in prime condition only a few days and should be grown rapidly with plenty of moisture to be</h4><div><h4>mild, tender, and attractive. If growth is checked, roots may become tough, pithy, and too spicy.<br><br></h4><h2>Harvest and Storage<br></h2></div><h4>Harvest promptly to avoid pithiness, beginning at about 3-4 weeks when roots are the size of a large marble. Bunch or top, hydrocool, and refrigerate. Topped radishes will keep 3–4 weeks in good, crisp condition if kept at 32°F (0°C), 95% relative humidity, and​ in breathable packaging. See product descriptions for longer storage of specialty types.​<br></h4><p><br></p></div>

















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