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AncestryAncestry<div class="ExternalClassB9198C9C42CE44058D053DB9368388F3"><h2>Genealogical Research Tips</h2><p>There are two ways to start your research at Phoenix Public Library.  There are books you can check out that include basic tips about how to do genealogy research.  In addition, there are some basic genealogy reference materials in the General Reference section of Burton Barr Central Library.</p><h2>​Arizona Birth and Death Certificates</h2><p>The certificate images provided are limited to Arizona: <br></p><ul><li>BIRTHS that occurred at least 75 years ago</li><li>DEATHS that occurred at least 50 years ago  </li></ul><h2>Obituaries<br></h2><p>Phoenix Public Library can provide general information about finding obituaries.  The Library does not search for or photocopy obituaries. An obituary is published at the discretion of an individual's family, often within two weeks of death. If you need more information about using the resources listed below, Ask Us.<br></p><h3>Obtaining a copy of an obituary<br></h3><h4>Maricopa County residents:<br></h4><ul><li>​If you have a valid library card with Phoenix Public Library you can search the Arizona Republic or Gale OneFile News.</li><li>Burton Barr Central Library offers access to microfilm of the following newspapers: the Arizona Republic (1930-present); its predecessor, the Arizona Republican (1890-1930); and the Phoenix Gazette (late 1800s-1997).​​​​​</li><li>The Arizona Republic provides a free online obituary database (2002-present).<br></li></ul><h4>Arizona residents outside of Maricopa County and out-of-state residents:</h4><ul><li>​​Your local library's interlibrary loan department can borrow Arizona Republic microfilm from the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records at no charge. Call 602-542-3701, 1-800-228-4710 or visit their website.</li><li>The Arizona Republic provides a free online obituary database (2002-present).​<br></li></ul><h4>Fee-based obituary search:</h4><ul><li>Ar​izona State Library, Archives and Public Records will search two weeks from the date of death for a fee. Call 602-926-3720.<br></li></ul><h3>Locating the Date of an Obituary</h3><h4>Maricopa County residents: <br></h4><ul><li>You can verify a date using the Arizona Biography and Obituary Index (1860-1986) and microfiche of the 1862-1997 Arizona Newspaper Obituary Index available at Burton Barr Central Library.  This is not available by phone or email.<br></li></ul><h4>Arizona residents and out-of-state residents: <br></h4><ul><li>​​Verify a date using the Social Security Death Index at Family Search.</li><li>Verify a date using the Arizona Genealogy Death Certificate search (1870-1963) at Arizona Department of Health Services.</li></ul></div>













Ancestry Library Genealogy ResourcesAncestry Library Genealogy Resources<div class="ExternalClass5B1EADF2BE26415CA89943D279C17E47"><p>​​​A broad genealogical collection providing coverage of the United States and the United Kingdom.​<br></p></div> Library
Heritage Quest - Genealogy ResourcesHeritage Quest - Genealogy Resources<div class="ExternalClassBD614949CF774C39A3AC0C35B8348CB1"><p>​Genealogical information covering America since the late 1700s.<br></p></div>







Questions and CommentsQuestions and Comments<i class="fa-solid fa-square-question"></i> us via email. Contácten​os con preguntas o comentario generales.<div class="ExternalClassE78AD7F24ACB4285AC298AAEA29117E2"><p>​Ask us via email. Contácten​os con preguntas o comentario generales.</p><p>We strive to answer questions within 48 hours, excluding weekends. Responses are sent via email; please include a valid email address to ensure a reply.​<br><br></p></div>





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