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Celebrate Black Voices Virtual Art Exhibit Celebrate Black Voices Virtual Art Exhibit <div class="ExternalClassFB027B16D7114A16809C4BBE36838D81"><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><span data-ccp-parastyle="heading 2"></span></span></p><p><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"><span data-ccp-parastyle="heading 2"><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US">In celebration of Black History Month, K-12 artists from all over the Valley</span><span data-contrast="none" lang="EN-US"> were</span><span data-contrast="auto" lang="EN-US"> invited to draw an important person or event celebrating the African American experience. Browse</span><span data-contrast="auto" lang="EN-US"> the beautiful show of talent below.​</span></span></span></p></div>





Take a look at this year's art by young artists from around the Valley!Take a look at this year's art by young artists from around the Valley!







Adelle Ekpo, 8th gradeAdelle Ekpo, 8th grade
Akaysha Rapier, 3rd gradeAkaysha Rapier, 3rd grade
Amaya Robinson, 2nd gradeAmaya Robinson, 2nd grade
Anais Blanco, 6th gradeAnais Blanco, 6th grade
Avery Aguilar, 2nd gradeAvery Aguilar, 2nd grade
Awak McGarry Maguil, 3rd gradeAwak McGarry Maguil, 3rd grade
Benicio Santino Chavez, 6th gradeBenicio Santino Chavez, 6th grade
Callie Little, 1st gradeCallie Little, 1st grade
Chaya Russ, 4th gradeChaya Russ, 4th grade
Cherish James, 1st gradeCherish James, 1st grade
Daniela Alvarez Avila, 1st gradeDaniela Alvarez Avila, 1st grade
David Martinez, 3rd gradeDavid Martinez, 3rd grade
Dot Starr, 3rd gradeDot Starr, 3rd grade
Elijah Thompson, 1st gradeElijah Thompson, 1st grade
Ella McConnon, 12th gradeElla McConnon, 12th grade artwork is of Bren Joy. "Among his heartfelt songs and upbeat tracks, 'When Martin Died' is a monologue based on the experience of his grandmother during the time of Martin Luther King Jr."91
Ella Verga, 7th gradeElla Verga, 7th grade
Emma B., 4th gradeEmma B., 4th grade
Ezriel Russ, 4th gradeEzriel Russ, 4th grade
Gianna Lebers, 3rd gradeGianna Lebers, 3rd grade
Haris Muminovic, 1st gradeHaris Muminovic, 1st grade
Isabella Penza, 6th gradeIsabella Penza, 6th grade
Jada Robinson, 4th gradeJada Robinson, 4th grade
Jesse Reeter, 2nd gradeJesse Reeter, 2nd grade
Johan Jeffin Abraham, 1st gradeJohan Jeffin Abraham, 1st grade
Kate B., 1st gradeKate B., 1st grade
Kaylie White, 6th gradeKaylie White, 6th grade
Kaylyn Godoy, 1st gradeKaylyn Godoy, 1st grade
Krishna Vadavalli, 5th gradeKrishna Vadavalli, 5th grade
Luke Golding, 6th gradeLuke Golding, 6th grade
Mariah Beck, 2nd gradeMariah Beck, 2nd grade
Maryam Ummal, 5th gradeMaryam Ummal, 5th grade
Matthew Jaramillo, 2nd gradeMatthew Jaramillo, 2nd grade
Medina Muminovic, PreKMedina Muminovic, PreK
Miriam Russ, 2nd gradeMiriam Russ, 2nd grade
Musca Saif, 9th gradeMusca Saif, 9th grade
Naomi Copeland, 9th gradeNaomi Copeland, 9th grade
Naomi Johnson, 1st gradeNaomi Johnson, 1st grade
Oliver Verga, 2nd gradeOliver Verga, 2nd grade
Olivia Shea, 2nd gradeOlivia Shea, 2nd grade
Oribime Ibiye-Abaku, 3rd gradeOribime Ibiye-Abaku, 3rd grade
Oriname Ibiye-Abaku, 1st gradeOriname Ibiye-Abaku, 1st grade
Poppy Verga, 5th gradePoppy Verga, 5th grade
Ruby Covarrubias, 1st gradeRuby Covarrubias, 1st grade
Sanel Kljajie, KindergartenSanel Kljajie, Kindergarten
Scout Starr, 5th gradeScout Starr, 5th grade
Silas Covarrubias, 4th gradeSilas Covarrubias, 4th grade
Sofia Garcia, 6th gradeSofia Garcia, 6th grade
Valerie Winch, 6th gradeValerie Winch, 6th grade